Building Model-Driven DSS

Model-Driven DSS

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About Model-Driven DSS

Model-Driven DSS emphasize access to and manipulation of a model, for example, statistical, financial, optimization and/or simulation models. Simple statistical and analytical tools provide the most elementary level of functionality. Some OLAP systems that allow complex analysis of data may be classified as hybrid DSS systems providing both modeling and data retrieval and data summarization functionality. In general, model-driven DSS use complex financial, simulation, optimization or multi-criteria models to provide decision support. Model-driven DSS use data and parameters provided by decision makers to aid decision makers in analyzing a situation, but they are not usually data intensive, that is very large data bases are usually not need for model-driven DSS. Early versions of Model-Driven DSS were called Computationally Oriented DSS by Bonczek, Holsapple and Whinston (1981). Such systems have also been called model-oriented or model-based decision support systems.

Key Terms

Decision Analysis tools - DA tools help decision makers decompose and structure problems. The aim of these tools is to help a user apply models like decision trees, multi-attribute utility models, bayesian models, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), and related models.

Forecasting Support System - A computer-based system that supports users in making and evaluating forecasts. Users can analyse a time series of data.

Linear Programming - A mathematical model for optimal solution of resource allocation problems.

Simulation - A technique for conducting one or more experiments that test various outcomes resulting from a quantitative model of a system.

Building Model-Driven DSS

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