What are the 10 most cited CDSS articles?

by Daniel J. Power
Editor, DSSResources.COM

Google Scholar was searched using the search term "clinical decision support systems." Garg et. al (2005) was the most frequently cited with 2942 citations. They concluded "Many CDSSs improve practitioner performance. To date, the effects on patient outcomes remain understudied and, when studied, inconsistent". They examined 100 studies that met their inclusion criteria. The studies included "randomized and nonrandomized controlled trials that evaluated the effect of a CDSS compared with care provided without a CDSS on practitioner performance or patient outcomes."

The next most frequently cited article by Kawamoto, et al. (2005), has had 2189 citations. The researchers "wanted to identify features of clinical decision support systems critical for improving clinical practice". Seventy studies were included in the review. Decision support systems significantly improved clinical practice in 68% of trials. Four features were "independent predictors of improved clinical practice: automatic provision of decision support as part of clinician workflow (P < 0.00001), provision of recommendations rather than just assessments (P = 0.0187), provision of decision support at the time and location of decision making (P = 0.0263), and computer-based decision support (P = 0.0294). Of 32 systems possessing all four features, 30 (94%) significantly improved clinical practice."

Hunt et al (1998), cited by 1880 articles, concluded that "CDSSs can enhance clinical performance for drug dosing, preventive care, and other aspects of medical care, but not convincingly for diagnosis. The effects of CDSSs on patient outcomes have been insufficiently studied.

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Author: Daniel Power

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