Jacobsen announces the release of Sage: Augmented intelligence

BOULDER, Colo., June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Jacobsen has announced the release of their new augmented intelligence platform for commodity price forecasting, named Sage. "We are the first price reporting agency to release a forecasting product built on machine learning and augmented intelligence in our niche," states John Donicht, President of The Jacobsen.

The Sage platform does the heavy data analysis, comparisons, and algorithm adjustments to improve the price forecasting on a continual basis. Every report generated by Sage is reviewed by a senior team of analysts to interpret the data and ensure the patterns make sense.

Over the last two years, The Jacobsen invested heavily in refining their forecasting ability, in some cases, the forecasting has a margin of error of less than 1% of the actual price.

"It's rather amazing to see how close the machine algorithms hit the mark," said George Morris, Dir of Sales and Marketing, "while past success does not predict future results, it's still far better than purely human-based forecasting methods of the past."

To add fuel to their efforts to be the leader in commodity price forecasting, The Jacobsen also announced the hiring of Hamed Khoojinian, to Head up Machine Learning and the future development of Sage. Hamed has over ten years of experience in R&D, biophysics, nanotechnology, including machine learning. The new position will ensure Sage has a bright future at The Jacobsen.

"Price forecasting is just the start of where Sage can be applied," Khoojinian said, "Any business process utilizing data is subject to improvement with the addition of Sage."

For more information about Sage, please visit The Jacobsen website at

SOURCE The Jacobsen

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