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Ch. 11
Building Web-Based and Inter-Organizational Decision Support Systems

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Examples of Web-Based DSS

AlphaBlox at URL http://www.alphablox.com/. Check screens of the product AlphaBlox Enlighten.

Comshare at URL http://www.comshare.com/. Check for Web-Based products.

Cow Culling Decision Support System at the University of Arizona, URL http://ag.arizona.edu/AREC/cull/culling.html.

DSSResources.COM Decision Aids at http://dssresources.com/decisionaids/.

InterNetivity, Inc. has a product called dbProbe 4.11 and a product called databeacon. dbProbe is a cross-platform, corporate-wide tool written in Java for sales analysis, statistical analysis, financial analysis, inventory analysis, or any other application, such as a data warehouse, that requires multidimensional data analysis. Check the examples of Small Appliance Sales PageCube and Billing Analysis at http://internetivity.com/Demos_Downloads/demos_downloads_generic.html.

Microsoft Carpoint at URL http://carpoint.msn.com.

Netscape Decision Guides at URL http://home.netscape.com/decisionguides.

Stockfinder at http://stockpoint.com/ has a number of DSS.

WATERSHEDSS (WATER, Soil, and Hydro- Environmental Decision Support System) at URL http://h2osparc.wq.ncsu.edu/, is used to help watershed managers and land treatment personnel identify their water quality problems and select appropriate best management practices.

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