Decision Support Systems Related News

August 2000

08/31/2000 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama won DM Review 2000 World Class Solutions Award for its Seagate Software Business Intelligence implementation. See Seagate release.

08/31/2000 FedEx Express has concluded negotiations to build a new state-of-the-art technology center in Colorado Springs, Colo., and recently opened a new center in Dallas. See FedEx release.

08/31/2000 GE Medical Systems creates global information technologies company to help hospitals improve performance and the delivery of care. See GE Medical Systems release.

08/30/2000 Brio Technology qualified as a member in the Microsoft Data Warehousing Alliance 2000 Program. See Brio release.

08/30/2000 Cognos extended its business intelligence solution with new data mart creation capabilities. The new 6.5 version of Cognos DecisionStreamTM significantly extends capabilities for creating subject-oriented data marts. See Cognos release.

08/29/2000 Brio Technology announced availability of Brio.Enterprise 6.2. See Brio release.

08/28/2000 MicroStrategy announced restructuring plan and new distribution strategy; reduction of MicroStrategy’s workforce by 234, 10% of its total worldwide headcount. See Microstrategy release.

08/28/2000 Red Hat announced new e-Learning programming courses at its updated training site. Red Hat is partnering with DigitalThink. See Redhat release.

08/26/2000 Call for Chapters for a book on IS Reengineering and Strategic Planning. See call.Contact Ghazi Alkhatib (

08/25/2000 Bank of Montreal received the RealWare Award for "Best Data Warehousing Application" for a Customer Knowledge Database (CKDB) and management information system. See IBM release.

08/25/2000 launched eMeeting service for Medical Device Industry Professionals. Visit

08/24/2000 Launch of It is a portal devoted to providing information on buying and selling fixed-income investments. Goal is to help average investors make decisions. See release.

08/24/2000 Loyola University's Graduate School of Business in Chicago has a 5 course Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Certificate program. Program now offers instruction in SPSS Clementine data mining solution. See the SPSS release.

08/24/2000 Beazer Homes USA, a national homebuilder headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has chosen Gentia’s new Millenium Application Platform (MAP) to manage its enterprise-wide executive information system. See release.

08/23/2000 Compaq adopted Brio.Enterprise for its internal information systems data warehouse program. Compaq is also using Brio.Enterprise's EIS function, which allows users to view trends and key business indicators. See release.

08/23/2000 CCH-Harris Interactive survey shows 84 percent of all accountants use the Internet for business purposes. Net is prime information source for many. See CCH release.

08/22/2000 Informix Software announced Extended Parallel Server(TM) (XPS) version 8.31; New enhancements to Database Server deliver "No Limits" Data Warehouse platform. See Informix release.

08/22/2000 Business Resource Software announced Quick Insight, an expert software program to evaluate new products or services. See release.

08/22/2000 Hummingbird Ltd. announced latest version of Genio Suite, its enterprise solution for integrating data across decision support systems and enterprise applications. See Hummingbird release.

08/22/2000 Cognos released Visualizer business-intelligence tool and a new version of its DecisionStream ETL toolset for building data marts. See Cognos release.

08/21/2000 Autodesk and Kanotech develop strategic partnership to deliver local government solutions. Kanotech's CivicCenter integrates with Autodesk's Municipal Solutions. See Autodesk release.

08/21/2000 MicroStrategy and IBM have formed an alliance to provide information broadcasting and narrowcasting solutions for Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). See release.

08/21/2000 SPSS Inc. and International Consortium publish CRoss-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM). CRISP-DM 1.0 is a comprehensive data mining methodology and process model. Visit to download a PDF file of the CRISP-DM document. See release.

08/21/2000 Hyperion, IBM, Oracle and Sun Microsystems announced plans for a new platform-independent standard for metadata in OLAP servers. The Java(TM) technology-based interface will be developed through the Java Community Process(TM) program. See release.

08/18/2000 announced the development of an interactive 3D kitchen configurator to let customers design a kitchen in real-time on the Web. See release.

08/17/2000 results show worldwide business intelligence and data warehousing (BI/DW) market grew at a year-over-year revenue growth rate of 62% to $28 billion in 1999. See release.

08/16/2000 Three leading Market Research firms adopt SPSS Verbastat coding software; Verbastat provides a new way to code open-ended survey questions. See SPSS release.

08/16/2000 Informix announced a strategic alliance with the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), a vendor of mathematical and statistical software, by releasing the Informix NAG Financial Datablade(R) module. See Informix release.

08/16/2000 JDA Software announces availability of new version of Retail IDEAS Data Warehouse and Decision Support System. See JDA release.

08/15/2000 Object Management Group exchanges memberships with GNOME Foundation. Foundation's goal advance the availability of GNOME desktop environment. See OMG release.

08/15/2000 IBM-led Team demonstrates most-advanced quantum computer; confirms potential for exponentially faster calculation. See IBM release.

08/15/2000 Lancaster plc, one of the UK's leading retail motor groups, operating over 100 dealerships and 35 body centers, is putting its financial management process on the Web with Comshare's e-business management planning and control (MPC) solution. Users at head office and over 70 reporting locations will have intranet access to a central database for planning, budgeting, financial data consolidation, management reporting and analysis. See Comshare release.

08/14/2000 National Oilwell, Houston, Texas, launched "Customer Connect", an online purchasing analysis service powered by Web-based business intelligence software from Cognos. See Cognos release.

08/14/2000 Sagent awarded $10 Million contract by U.S. Department of Defense. Sagent Solution provides budget data via the Web. See Sagent release.

08/13/2000 IBM captures top spot over Oracle in eWeek Lab Review; First Server Database in five years to receive recognition. See IBM release.

08/11/2000 Decision Consultants and SAS team to provide software solutions and services to customers. See SAS release.

08/10/2000 AMD released the x86-64™ Architecture Programmers Overview. "Hammer" processors planned for end of 2001. Provides transition to 64-bit environments while supporting 32-bit applications. See AMD release.

08/09/2000 Cognos(R) announced an agreement with GE's Employers Reinsurance Corporation. It includes providing OLAP and enterprise reporting and visualization via the Cognos business intelligence portal. See Cognos release.

08/09/2000 IBM announced its Knowledge and Content Management Services practice will help clients manage organizational knowledge and create communities of practice. See IBM release.

08/08/2000 A security hole has been identified in Netscape's Web browser. Once a computer is infected, a hacker can see, run and delete files on the target computer. The method is dubbed "Brown Orifice". Netscape users should disable Java.

08/08/2000 Management changes at Computer Associates and Sagent Technologies. COO Kumar new CEO at CA. Sagent names IBM Executive Ben C. Barnes new President and CEO. See Sagent release.

08/08/2000 PricewaterhouseCoopers and Comshare join forces to deliver Management Planning and Control solutions to the Thai Market. See release.

08/08/2000 results show Oracle and Microsoft lead in European Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing Market. See release.

08/07/2000 Polo Ralph Lauren successfully deployed Informatica's PowerCenter(TM) data-integration software for corporate-wide Business Intelligence. See release.

08/07/2000 More than 40 percent of end users are dissatisfied with their data warehousing system, according to Giga Information Group's polling surveys. Read more at

08/04/2000 The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is considering three competing proposals for creating a framework for instant messaging interoperability. Check Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol working group at

08/03/2000 NSF awarded $45 Million to Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center for "terascale" computing capability for U.S. researchers. The proposed six teraflop system will be an interconnected network of 682 Compaq AlphaServers. See release.

08/03/2000 According to International Data Corporation, Information Builders had the highest percentage revenue growth for End User Query/Reporting software. Its WebFOCUS product is a Business Intelligence solution that delivers Web deployed reports and analysis. See release.

08/02/2000 The Meyers Group received 1st Place in the MapObjects Application Contest from ESRI; Award recognizes excellence in application architecture. Meyers Residential Pro-GIS 2000 is a GIS-based real estate research tool. See release.

08/01/2000 Liberty Group of South Africa will deploy Gentia's Web-Based Balanced Scorecard Software for Strategy Management. See release.