Business Objects Announces Support
for Microsoft's XML for Analysis Protocol

New Protocol Offers Standard Access to Analytical Data Sources Over the Internet

San Jose, Calif. -- December 6, 2000 -- Business Objects (NASDAQ: BOBJ), the world's leading provider of e-business intelligence (e-BI) solutions, today announced its plans to support Microsoft Corp.'s XML for Analysis protocol for providing open data access for multi-dimensional analysis and data mining. The XML for Analysis protocol advances the OLE DB standard by allowing standardized, universal data access to analytical data sources residing over the web.

The protocol is built upon open standards and is independent of platform, language or technology. XML for Analysis utilizes hypertext transport protocol (HTTP), extensible markup language (XML), and simple object access protocol (SOAP) internet standards, and is specifically optimized for web services interaction. The XML for Analysis protocol extends the Microsoft .NET vision of enabling web services, allowing application developers to provide analytic services to any client, on any device, on any platform, using any programming language, including C++, Visual Basic, C#, Java, and Cobol.

Business Objects plans to integrate fully with XML for Analysis, which expands access to e-BI, increasing the flexibility for developers to incorporate analytics within their applications, including the analytics that reside remotely on the internet, or hosted by another company. With XML for Analysis, there is no need to install middleware/connectivity components to access, analyze, and share e-BI data.

"We see XML for Analysis as having the potential to offer a wide range of e-business intelligence functionality to customers and application developers, " said John Eng, Lead Product Manager, SQL Server at Microsoft. "The protocol will allow Microsoft to work with leaders like Business Objects to extend the reach of e-business intelligence functionality from PCs and web browsers to PDAs and internet-enabled phones."

"Business Objects is committed to expanding the number of data sources we support, and we have a long history of supporting Microsoft users with the industry's best tools for accessing, analyzing, and sharing corporate information," said Gene Villeneuve, director of product marketing for advanced analysis at Business Objects. "By supporting XML for Analysis, we plan to extend our leadership in offering users access to multiple data sources by building on open internet standards."

Business Objects plans to use the XML for Analysis protocol to extend the richness of the online analytical processing (OLAP) reporting and analysis capabilities to multiple devices, in turn, helping Business Objects extend its leadership in delivering business intelligence to wireless devices. Business Objects currently empowers mobile users with InfoView Wireless Edition, which makes it easier to access critical business information, anytime, anywhere, and from a variety of devices.

Business Objects product inquiries should contact 800-527-0580.