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Decisioneering Releases Open Crystal Ball 2.0

Platform-independent version of Crystal Ball 2000 provides risk-analysis functionality for client-server and Web-enabled applications

Denver, CO, December 19, 2000 -- Decisioneering, Inc., a leading provider of desktop business analysis tools, announced today the release of Open Crystal Ball (OCB) for Web, Windows NT, and client/server environments. Under intensive development and testing for the past year, OCB is an open architecture version of Crystal Ball 2000, Decisioneering's flagship product. Open Crystal Ball enables better decision making within corporate financial systems, Internet applications, engineering systems, project management applications, and other variables-dependent scenarios. OCB will enable analytic application providers, business intelligence vendors, and ERP vendors to bundle OCB technology into existing products for more robust decision modeling capability.

The heart of OCB is the Math Kernel, a set of Java Classes embodying the math modules that implement Crystal Ball functionality. Release 2.0, the current version, includes XML support, a sophisticated "manager" to run Monte Carlo simulations, and an optimization module for finding best solutions under "what-if" conditions. Release 3.0, due early next year, will provide high-end visualization components to enhance interpretation of risk results.

"Our goal is to establish Open Crystal Ball as the standard methodology for embedding risk analysis into analytic applications," said Eric Wainwright, Chief Technology Officer of Decisioneering.

"Our experience and expertise in analytic techniques gives us a unique perspective on the evolving business intelligence market," added Charles Von Thun, Decisioneering Chief Executive Officer. "Open Crystal Ball is the logical extension of our highly successful desktop technology. With OCB, developers can seamlessly embed Crystal Ball functionality into their own applications."

Decisioneering's analytic engines are currently in use at over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies. The company's products include Crystal Ball 2000, Crystal Ball 2000 Professional Edition, CB Predictor, CB Turbo, and Open Crystal Ball.


David Fredericks
Director of Marketing
Decisioneering, Inc.

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