Hummingbird Enterprise Portal SuiteTM Selected By Leading Global Law Firm Norton Rose

World-wide deployment of portal suite to manage document and knowledge assets for on-time information delivery both internally and externally

Toronto - December 6, 2000 -- Hummingbird Ltd. (NASDAQ:HUMC, TSE:HUM), a world-leading enterprise software solutions company, today announced that Norton Rose, a top international law firm, has purchased Hummingbird's Enterprise Information PortalTM (EIP) and document management (DM) system, following a successful pilot of Hummingbird's solution. The 1300 user licences will be implemented at every Norton Rose office throughout the world, creating a global document and knowledge management system. This reinforces Hummingbird's global leadership in providing complete enterprise software solutions in the legal market.

Hummingbird's Enterprise Portal Suiteä will be deployed by Norton Rose to allow employees remote access to shared documents and databases, to scan in and store documents, to create complete project documentation sets on CD-ROM, and to fax and e-mail directly from the document management based system. Hummingbird's solutions will also allow Norton Rose's clients extranet access to easily find documents relevant to their legal case.

"Having successfully completed the pilot test, we are confident that Hummingbird's experience in and understanding of the legal community will ensure it delivers a high quality, reliable, scalable and cost-effective enterprise-wide solution to provide a faster and more focused response to our clients," said Richard Stokes, Project Manager, Norton Rose.

"Norton Rose's order for a full range of Hummingbird solutions including the EIP, DOCSFusionä, PowerDOCSÒ and CyberDOCSä represents another significant win for Hummingbird," said Barry Litwin, President of Hummingbird, "and clearly demonstrates Hummingbird's strength in providing a comprehensive offering to the legal community."

About Hummingbird
Hummingbird develops enterprise software solutions that provide access to all business-critical information and resources, aggregated and categorized through a single user interface. Hummingbird offers these global enterprise solutions through the desktop and the web with Hummingbird EIPTM (Hummingbird Enterprise Information Portal), the cornerstone product of the firm's e-business solutions. Integrated within Hummingbird EIPTM are the firm's proven technologies for host access, data integration, reporting and analytics, and document and knowledge management. The company offers its solutions, along with related consulting, education, and support services, in more than 50 countries around the world. For more information, please visit

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