Improved Usability, Security and ERP System Integration in Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Pillar

SUNNYVALE, Ca., December 12, 2000 - Continuing as a leader in business analysis software, Hyperion (Nasdaq: HYSL) today announced enhanced versions of its market-leading financial consolidation and budgeting applications. Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Pillar continue to provide customers with improved usability and expanded ERP integration for faster return on investment and enhanced end-user productivity in financial processes.

The improved integration with leading ERP systems shortens analysis cycles, thus increasing productivity. And where security is currently a hot issue for many banks and similar businesses, Hyperion's improved security features make it easier to protect highly sensitive data while offering broad end-user access. Hyperion's advances in these product lines continue to offer customers improved bottom line performance.

Used in approximately 5,300 implementations worldwide, Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Pillar are packaged financial applications that provide best of breed functionality, and require limited IT support to deploy and maintain. They can be implemented cost effectively and quickly to support strategic decision-making and planning across the enterprise. Hyperion's financial applications also leverage transaction data in leading ERP systems for improved financial reporting and decision making.

According to Henry Morris, vice president of data warehousing and applications with leading industry analysts IDC, "IDC projects that the market for financially focused analytic applications will grow to more than $2 billion by 2004. Based mainly on the strengths of Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Pillar, Hyperion is the clear revenue leader in this market segment today."

Tom Finstein, vice president and general manager of financial products at Hyperion, added [regarding the market], "We are committed to further developing our core financial products as we continue to see strong demand for Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Pillar from organizations worldwide. These products continue to dominate their categories, and the enhancements we are delivering will allow us to maintain market leadership and satisfy the needs of existing and new customers."

Hyperion Enterprise 5.5 and Hyperion Pillar 4.6.2
Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Pillar are part of Hyperion's Financial Analysis Solutions family that provides comprehensive support for the reporting, analysis, modeling and planning needs of finance departments and operating staff in organizations worldwide. Hyperion's Financial Analysis Solutions are complemented by Hyperion's entire business analysis software offering which includes market-leading OLAP technology and tools, and analytic applications that address everything from business performance management to customer relationship management.

The enhanced version of Hyperion Enterprise contains a new security module for easier set-up and maintenance, and provides up to 30 percent improved consolidation and reporting performance with large numbers of concurrent users. The new version of Hyperion Pillar features a new Microsoft Excel spreadsheet add-in for reporting and data entry from this familiar desktop environment.

Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Pillar both leverage the latest version of Hyperion Application Link, to provide direct integration with leading ERP applications for improved end-user financial analysis capabilities. In addition to SAP and J.D. Edwards, Hyperion Application Link now offers direct integration with Oracle and PeopleSoft, and a capability to integrate with other ERP systems.

Hyperion Pillar 4.6.2 is currently available, and Hyperion Enterprise 5.5 will be available during the first quarter of 2001. Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Pillar support Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 desktop environments. Hyperion Application Link provides seamless integration of Hyperion Enterprise, Hyperion Pillar and other Hyperion applications with Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft Financials, SAP R/3 and J.D. Edwards World and One World applications, and other ODBC compliant data sources.

About Hyperion
Hyperion (Nasdaq: HYSL) is a leader in business analysis software. Hyperion helps business leaders plan, manage and execute strategies by analyzing information on business initiatives, supply chain execution, customers, operations and finance. The company's market-leading OLAP (online analytical processing) technology, packaged business analysis applications and tools are used by 6,000 organizations worldwide, including more than 60 of the Fortune 100 and more than 40 of the Financial Times European Top 100. In addition, more than 400 Hyperion alliance partners deliver technology, applications and services to increase the flexibility and choice for customers. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, the company has offices in 26 countries. More information is available at,, or 1-800-286-8000.

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