Logility Powers Transportation Decisions for Business-to-Business Exchanges With Voyager Select


      Scaleable, e-Business Platform Delivers Transportation Services To
                       Net Markets and Private Portals

    ATLANTA, Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Logility, the leading
supplier of business-to-business collaborative commerce solutions to power
e-Business and optimize the supply chain, today announced the availability of
Logility Voyager Select(TM), extending transportation services to business-to-
business (B2B) Net Markets and private company portals.
    Voyager Select is highly scaleable to support the numerous one-to-many
relationships inherent to the Net Market architecture.  These Internet-based
communities will benefit from increased liquidity as they deliver advanced
logistics and transportation solutions that facilitate complete buy/sell
transactions.  Today, Net Market participants must make sourcing decisions
without consideration of transportation service and cost information or
investigate transportation alternatives off-line.  This reduces the Net
Market's value to the community, adding steps to the procurement process and
potentially adding costs to the transaction.  Voyager Select enables users to
determine the total landed cost of a purchase by accurately determining best
mode and carrier for the order and consideration in the buying decision.
Voyager Select calculates the least cost for purchases based on weight,
product type, cube and origin/destination for small package/express, less-
than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), rail and intermodal shipments.
    Adding transportation management to a Net Market requires sophisticated
technology and a highly scaleable architecture.  According to an article by
Chris Newton, senior analyst e-Fulfillment, published in The AMR Research
Alert on Supply Chain Management for December 4, 2000, "Voyager Select fills a
current void in the online ordering process of many trading exchanges by
providing critical transportation information during, rather than after, the
procurement process, enabling buyers to make more intelligent order sourcing
    Logility Voyager Select has powered high-volume users for years including
Ingram Micro Inc., Sprint PCS and American Freightways.
    "Incorporating Logility into Ingram Micro's domestic, on-line order
management services enables us to provide our customers with more carrier
choices and better transportation management to choose the appropriate service
to fit their needs," stated Terry Tysseland, senior vice president operations,
Ingram Micro Inc.  "With Logility as the backbone of our front-end carrier
selection feature, Ingram Micro transacts hundreds of thousands of carrier
selection requests per week."
    Sprint PCS utilizes Voyager Select as an integral part of their
Application Service Provider (ASP) based total transportation management
solution.  "Voyager Select enables us to search for the most economical
service from our high-quality carriers for over 85,000 shipments per month,
while ensuring we meet the customer's requirements for delivery date and time,
" said Joe Tarantino, senior manager for corporate transportation, Sprint PCS.
    "Logility's solution is the backbone of our invoicing systems" according
to Gray Lanier, vice president of pricing at American Freightways.  "We must
have accurate invoices or our workload increases and our customers become
dissatisfied.  Logility provides that accuracy for over 45,000 rated shipments
every day."
    Logility's 25 years of transportation management experience has proven
that transportation requires accurate carrier rate data.  Voyager Select
supports an extensive variety of carrier rates, discounts and accessorial
charges for multiple modes of transportation.  Voyager Select is designed with
an open-integration architecture for configurable deployment and scalability.
Voyager Select is available today and provides extensive transportation
services for Net Markets with:
    Rates and Zones for Small Package Carriers: Voyager Select provides rate
and zone information for UPS and FedEx, the industry leaders in small-package
ground and express delivery, enabling the community users to accurately
estimate shipment costs.
    Comprehensive LTL Rate Database: Voyager Select supports over 400 less-
than-truckload (LTL) tariffs available today, including CZAR Lite, Rate
Bureaus and can accommodate additional LTL carriers required.
    National Rail Route Database: Voyager Select integrates precise rail route
information to perform rail shipment calculations essential to moving bulk and
commodity items.
    Discounts, Extensions and Accessorial Calculations: Voyager Select uses
the base rates, contract discounts, accessorial charges and negotiated rates
between shipper and carriers to calculate precise, audit-quality
transportation costs.  This provides accurate invoice expectation and supports
an accurate freight cost component of total landed cost calculations.
    Transit Time Database: This information is provided for 88 carriers in the
library and can be created for additional carriers as needed.  This enables
accurate delivery estimates and correct mode and carrier selection when
delivery dates are negotiated between buyer and seller.
    Embedded Geographic Database: More than 240,000 US and Canadian locations
with city, state, postal codes, latitudes and longitudes are stored in Voyager
Select to support precise determination of geographic locations, a
prerequisite for a effective transportation solution.
    Integrated PC*Miler or Milemaker: ALK's PC*Miler or Rand McNally's
Milemaker seamlessly integrate with Voyager Select to accurately calculate
distances for distance-based truckload carrier rates providing a database that
is updated by a third-party, eliminating maintenance.
    Callable Server: Voyager Select's rating engines are embedded or called
from the Net Market application during the order transaction, enabling real-
time rating, routing and carrier selection.  It may be hosted on the Net
Market's application server or via an Application Service Provider (ASP), and
is completely scaleable for one-to-many and many-to-many architectures.

    "Logility is widely recognized as a leader in providing the industry with
e-Business solutions that optimize the supply chain to better manage costs,"
stated Mike Edenfield, Logility CEO.  "Voyager Select leverages this expertise
to provide liquidity to Net Markets and private company portals, delivering a
critical transportation service needed by community users."

    About Logility
    Logility is the leading provider of B2B collaborative commerce solutions
to power e-Business and optimize the supply chain.  Logility Voyager
Solutions(TM) enable networks of trading partners including Net Markets,
suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to collaborate, integrate and
synchronize their planning and e-fulfillment operations.  Logility customers
have realized substantial bottom-line results in record time.  Voyager
Solutions are CPFR(R) compliant, open, scalable and ASP ready, facilitating
even the most complex trading partner networks.  Logility is proud to serve
such customers as ConAgra, Heineken USA, McCormick & Company, Pharmacia &
Upjohn, Reynolds Metals, SmarterKids.com, Sony Electronics, Timex and VF
Corporation.  For more information about Logility call 1-800-762-5207 or visit
http://www.logility.com .
    Logility Voyager Solutions and Logility Voyager Select are trademarks of
Logility. CPFR is a registered trademark of Voluntary Interindustry Commerce
Standards (VICS) Association.  For more information on CPFR go to http://www.cpfr.org
or http://www.vics.org .

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