MicroStrategy Launches Updated Administration Productfor MicroStrategy 7 Platform

MicroStrategy Administrator 7.0 Simplifies Deployment and Maintenanceof Business Intelligence Environments

VIENNA, Va., December 21, 2000 – MicroStrategy® Incorporated (NASDAQ: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence software, today announced the general availability of MicroStrategy Administrator™ 7.0, a comprehensive administration product for its business intelligence and web reporting platform, MicroStrategy 7™. MicroStrategy Administrator is a powerful set of tools that reduces the workload of developing, deploying and maintaining business intelligence applications. MicroStrategy Administrator’s easy-to-use interface enables central maintenance of business intelligence applications developed on the MicroStrategy 7 platform.

“With MicroStrategy Administrator, it has never been easier for organizations to manage various business intelligence applications across development, test and production systems,” said Robert Trenkamp, director of product management at MicroStrategy. “Throughout the development process, administrators need a set of tools that help easily maintain application growth and manage large user communities. MicroStrategy Administrator makes all the components of the MicroStrategy 7 platform more available, deployable and manageable.”

Migrate MicroStrategy Applications across Projects and Database Platforms

MicroStrategy Administrator addresses the very real need to continually migrate objects between development, testing, and production environments. It is critical that reports and application components are developed and tested in a separate environment before being migrated to a production system. Whether the deployment involves 10 users in a small departmental implementation or 10,000 users in a large system on multiple database platforms, MicroStrategy Administrator ensures that all users use the same, consistent definitions for all their reports and analyses. Products without this functionality require users to duplicate object definitions, resulting in an enormous maintenance overhead when any of these definitions change.

Simple to Perform Impact Analysis

Before updating an object’s definition, MicroStrategy Administrator can search the entire system and display all other objects and users that will be affected by the change. For example, if the formula to calculate the percent revenue by store changes, MicroStrategy Administrator can list all the reports containing this metric and business users can be notified of the impending changes before they occur.

Simple to Manage Users and Ensure Security

A host of powerful user and security management features allows administrators to update access to their application for current users, remove old ones from the system or copy existing user profiles to new users, eliminating the need for redundant effort. System administrators can also maintain object libraries created by the ad-hoc report usage of users.

Pricing and Availability

MicroStrategy Administrator is available immediately at http://www.microstrategy.com/store. Pricing for MicroStrategy Administrator is $14,995 per named user. MicroStrategy Administrator may be purchased directly from MicroStrategy or from authorized resellers around the world.

Experience the Power of MicroStrategy’s Software

MicroStrategy 7™, the company’s business intelligence platform, is an easy to use, easy to deploy departmental and enterprise reporting product that will answer a vast array of business questions. Anyone interested in MicroStrategy’s software can go to MicroStrategy’s online store, located at www.microstrategy.com, to demo, configure, upgrade and order software directly. Store visitors can purchase MicroStrategy software, technical support, education, consulting, and documentation online or over the phone in an easy-to-try, easy-to-buy format.

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