SAS’ Magnificent Seven: New versions of seven SAS® solutions power the intelligent enterprise

-- Through advanced data management and analytics, solutions provide organizations with intelligence, competitive advantage --

CARY, N.C. (Dec. 10, 2001) – SAS Institute, the leader in business intelligence, today introduced new versions of seven SAS solutions – offerings for strategic performance management, enterprise marketing automation, supplier relationship management, financial planning and analysis, human capital management, and e-information management. These new solutions, built on SAS’ renowned Intelligence Architecture, help power the intelligent enterprise. They represent the latest examples of SAS’ 25-year commitment to benefit customers through innovative research and development.

Intelligence is the key

In today’s uncertain economy, companies must focus scarce resources – in every corner of their organizations – on strategies and tactics that will result in success. A key challenge is distilling huge volumes of customer, supplier and operational data from disparate computer systems spread around the globe into an accurate and intelligent “big-picture” perspective. Companies rely on this intelligence to implement winning strategies that accelerate speed to market, deepen relationships with customers and suppliers, manage risk, reduce costs and boost revenue.

“SAS Intelligence is not simply a marketing catch phrase designed to dress up our software in new clothes. It is the tangible, measurable benefit of doing business with SAS – the reason our customers choose us over our competitors,” said Jim Goodnight, SAS’ president and CEO. “Our new product offerings, built on SAS’ leading analytic and data warehousing technologies, clearly demonstrate our continued commitment to innovation, and to providing the intelligence our customers need to survive and thrive.”

By deriving intelligence from existing operational data and systems, an organization can also achieve sustainable competitive advantage. An intelligent organization is better able to predict how future economic and market changes will affect business – and quickly adapt to those new conditions, regardless of economic uncertainties. This reduces the need for guesswork and hunches, cutting down on costly false starts.

SAS innovation continues – seven new solution updates

As a stable business partner to more than 37,000 customer sites in 111 countries, SAS remains committed to meeting its customers’ changing needs. To this end, SAS reinvests almost a third of its annual revenues in research and development. This unwavering commitment to customers is one reason SAS boasts a 98 percent customer renewal rate. And the fruits of this research and development are clearly seen in the seven new versions of SAS software solutions delivered today.

“These seven new releases demonstrate SAS’ continued commitment to invest in the R&D needed to enhance their suite of analytic applications,” said Henry Morris, vice president for applications and information access at IDC. “These applications are impressive both for their breadth of business process coverage and their depth, leveraging the powerful business intelligence tools for which SAS is best known.” In its report, “Information Access Tools Market Forecast and Analysis: 2001-2005,” IDC recognizes SAS as the worldwide revenue leader for business intelligence tools based on 2000 revenues from software for data mining, multidimensional analysis, end user query/reporting, EIS, and packaged data marts.

The seven new versions of SAS solutions are:

  • Strategic Vision® – SAS’ strategic performance management solution enables the intelligent enterprise to successfully set its overall strategies and turn these strategies into action. With Strategic Vision, companies can connect traditional business measures (revenues, sales) with intangibles such as the health of supplier relationships and the profitability of their customers. Certified by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, the solution enables organizations to communicate and measure, on an enterprise-wide scale, the level of alignment with strategic objectives and then take necessary actions to achieve goals. With emphasis on formulating and communicating strategy throughout large enterprises, this release features the ability to manage many hundreds of scorecards along with support for Asian character sets – to help multinational corporations better align strategy on a global basis – and enhanced Web reporting and data access capabilities.

  • SAS® for Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA) – Combining award-winning data warehousing and data mining with state-of-the-art campaign management, SAS for EMA addresses the entire process for developing and implementing successful marketing strategies. The latest version includes enhanced dynamic scoring, affinity groups and search facilities to further support and simplify the marketing process by automating repetitive activities, allowing marketers to spend more time on creative tasks. This is particularly valuable in complex, multichannel campaign environments where marketers are expected to perform more campaigns with no increase in resources. The latest version also includes new e-mail distribution capabilities to help marketing professionals shift from traditional mail to e-mail for more effective and less expensive campaigns.

  • SAS® for Supplier Relationship Management (SRM – This solution delivers supplier intelligence that helps organizations understand their suppliers and procurement activities in order to improve purchasing decisions, negotiate better contracts, and realize significant cost savings. The latest version of SAS for SRM includes powerful new supplier ranking capabilities as well as enhanced spend analysis and scorecarding. The ranking component enables organizations to compare and rank supplier performance using powerful and customizable analytical models.

  • SAS® for Total Financial Management (TFM) – Providing a single approach to an organization’s spectrum of financial management needs, SAS for TFM includes capabilities for: consolidation, reporting and analysis, and now, with the latest version, budgeting and planning. The new budgeting and planning component helps executives align strategic objectives and performance measures with reliable planning and allocation of resources. It speeds the process of budget preparation and provides powerful, multidimensional analysis capabilities that help decision-makers manage, measure and predict performance.

  • HR Vision® – SAS’ solution for human capital management helps executives and human resources professionals analyze, measure, manage, present and optimize the work force. With its new thin-client architecture, the latest version of HR Vision allows even technology novices to tap into strategic human capital information through a user-friendly Web interface from anywhere in the world. In the new version, users apply analytics to benchmarking data to produce performance measures for strategic planning. And an HR scorecard lets organizations gain perspective on the entire work force and deliver information on all HR processes to decision-makers at every level of the company.

  • WebHound™ – This information management system integrates back- and front-office systems with Web data to optimize the e-channel and better understand and predict its effect on customers, suppliers and an organization’s own internal operations. The latest version of WebHound includes enhanced trending, forecasting and data mining to optimize Web user interactions, analyze and predict customer value, measure and improve marketing effectiveness, and maximize performance of Web operations.

  • Enterprise Guide® – With interactive dialogs, Enterprise Guide provides a point-and-click Windows interface to the full power of the SAS System. It easily guides users through SAS analytical and reporting tasks, providing transparent access to data from SAS and other sources. The solution gives users the ability to export results to other applications and publish to the SAS Portal. The latest version includes new features for project management and enhanced online analytical processing (OLAP) navigation and performance. Enterprise Guide 1.3 OLE DB for OLAP interface is certified by SAP. This access to SAP Business Warehouse allows users to carry out true analytical applications in areas such as supply chain and sales analysis.

    “These seven new releases are a magnificent addition to SAS’ formidable arsenal of business intelligence software solutions,” said Jim Davis, SAS’ senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “With them, customers can turn customer, supplier and operational data from throughout their organizations into intelligence. This intelligence powers better business decisions that lead to competitive advantage and an improved bottom line.”

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