AMCIS 2001

Americas Conference on
Information Systems

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

August 3rd - 5th, 2001

Call for Papers for the Mini Track

"Decision Support Systems"

Submission Deadline March 12, 2001

This mini track focuses on building and evaluating Decision Support Systems, especially Model-Driven and Web-Based DSS. Model-Driven DSS emphasize access to and manipulation of a model, for example, statistical, financial, optimization or simulation models. Web-Based DSS deliver decision support information or decision support models to a manager, business analyst, customer or supplier using a "thin-client" Web browser like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

Possible Topics include the following:

We invite papers that address any of the areas listed above, as well as any related issues. Reviewers, Discussants and Session Chairs are also needed.

Mini Track Co-Chairs

Daniel Power
University of Northern Iowa
Department of Management
255 Curris Business Building
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0125
Phone: (319) 273-2987
homepage at http://DSSResources.COM

Hemant Bhargava
Penn State University
Department of Management Science & Information Systems
342 Beam Business Administration Building
University Park, PA 16802
Fax: (814) 863-2381
homepage at

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Paper Submission Guidelines

(Completed research and Research-In-Progress)

All paper submissions to AMCIS 2001 must be in English, and should represent the original work of the authors. Papers designated as best papers will receive special recognition at the conference.

Content of a Paper Submission:

Each submission is limited to seven pages (approximately 3500 words) in length for a completed research paper and three pages (approximately 1500 words) for a research-in-progress paper.  Within these page limits, each submission should include:

        Name, e-mail, mailing address, university/organization affiliation, phone/fax numbers of the contact person for the submission

        Name, e-mail, mailing address, university/organization affiliation, of the author(s)

        Title of the submission

        Mini-track for this submission

        Keywords (five words)

        An abstract of the submission

        The main body of the submission

        References and/or bibliography (in MIS Quarterly format)

How to Submit a Paper:

The deadline for submitting papers is Monday, March 12th, 2001.  All papers will be submitted to mini-tracks via the on-line paper submission and review system.  To select the appropriate mini-track, see the list of AMCIS 2001 accepted mini-tracks and their descriptions.  If an appropriate mini-track is not available, please contact one of the program co-chairs for assistance (Detmar Straub at or Diane Strong at  It is understood that submission will be made to a single mini-track only.

Guidelines for accessing and using the on-line paper submission system will be placed on the AMCIS 2001 Boston Web site,, in the near future. 

Publication in the Proceedings

Accepted submissions will appear in the Proceedings, up to three pages for research-in-progress papers and up to seven pages for completed research papers provided that: