Comshare MPC possesses “the vital elements of management planning and control that are crucial to enterprise business success”

Ann Arbor, MI , February 15, 2001 -- Asserting that Comshare Inc. (Nasdaq: CSRE) “has emerged as an even more formidable competitor in the enterprise-wide financial analytic space,” Boston, Mass.,-based Aberdeen Group released a new Profile report, entitled “Management Planning and Control: Closing the Gap between Business Strategy and Financial Performance.” The Profile reviews and strongly supports Comshare MPC 4.0 as uniquely suited to simplify corporate financial and performance management processes with its unrivaled power, flexibility and ease of use.

Aberdeen’s report, authored by Alan Yong, research director for financial analytics, presents a detailed review of Comshare MPC and its central place in an organization’s management planning and control process, which comprises planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, management reporting and analysis. The report is available on Comshare’s website at http://www.comshare.com/aberdeen.

Comshare MPC 4.0 is the first application that, in a single, Web-based software package, directly links and fully integrates all the data and work related to strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, management reporting and analysis. Comshare MPC also capitalizes on the wealth of data stored in multiple, disparate sources and centralizes information for any number of users to access it over the Web from anywhere in the world.

Crucial to Enterprise Success
“This world-class enterprise management solution delivers the integrated—and collaborative—financial software that not only improves but also optimizes the corporate bottom line,” said Yong in his report. “Users adopting MPC 4.0 will possess a single, cohesive, and ongoing system that facilitates effective strategy development and implementation, efficient decision-making, and cross-culture collaboration—the vital elements of management planning and control that are crucial to enterprise business success.”

The Aberdeen Group’s report clearly demonstrates that there is a wide gap between the ideal information and technology environment required for financial analysis and planning and the solutions provided by most of today’s heavily touted analytic tools. Most of these offerings either link together distinct and sometimes architecturally different modules, or they aggregate data from multiple spreadsheets delivered over the web. Companies are increasingly turning toward highly scalable analytic software solutions that provide users with enterprise-wide functionality and can handle the broadest range of financial and performance management analytics. Comshare MPC is exactly the solution these organizations want.

“The Aberdeen Group report is an exceptional, independent account of how Comshare’s focus on the management planning and control market is paying off,” said Comshare CEO Dennis Ganster. “With thousands of customers and tens of thousands users worldwide, we look forward to further extending the compound annual growth rate of 30% for Comshare’s MPC solutions, which outpaces the industry rate of 20%. Alan Yong’s clear understanding of Comshare’s vision and lucid articulation of the product’s capabilities and differentiators is a superb endorsement of the strength of Comshare’s product.”

About Comshare
Comshare Inc. is the leading provider of e-business software applications for management planning and control (MPC), which comprises planning, budgeting, financial consolidation, management reporting and analysis. Comshare’s MPC applications deliver business-critical information over the Web that can be used to make sound planning and management decisions. In business for 35 years, Comshare is one of the top independent software companies, with customers around the world, many of which are Fortune 500 and Financial Times Top 1000 companies. Comshare is a Microsoft Data Warehousing Alliance Platinum Partner, an Oracle Business Alliance Partner, an IBM Business Partner, a mySAP.com Software Partner, and an Hyperion Alliance Partner. For more information on Comshare, call 1-800-922-7979, send e-mail to info@comshare.com or visit Comshare’s Web site at www.comshare.com.

Pete Smudde

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