New Version Designed for Enterprise Desktop Deployment of Video Communications

NASHUA, N.H.--Feb. 27, 2001-- CUseeMe® Networks (NASDAQ: CUSM), a leading provider of integrated voice and visual communications solutions for IP-based networks and the Internet, today announced the second generation of its revolutionary web-based client technology, CUseeMe Web. Version 2 of the technology takes web-based integration and collaboration to a new level, enabling business-quality desktop video communications to be easily deployed across the corporate network and integrated into a variety of enterprise workflow environments. Since its debut in October 1999, CUseeMe Web technology has set the standard for web-based group video communications, enabling live interactive voice, video and chat to be embedded directly into a web page, instant messenger, or any other stand-alone application. CUseeMe Web is a core technology for CUseeMe Networks' solutions offerings.

"As IP networks have become the dominant vehicle for messaging and collaboration within the corporate environment, the opportunity to enhance the user's experience with interactive rich media communications has become very compelling," said Killko Caballero, president and CEO of CUseeMe Networks. "CUseeMe Web technology has pioneered the ability to integrate voice and video into a variety of applications via standard interfaces such as web and instant messaging. We have evolved the technology in response to customer needs and market opportunity, which has resulted in a mature and powerful enabling technology for enterprise desktop communications."

"We have been working on a complex communications system, combining the power of the telephone, the personal computer, and the Internet to support work groups distributed around the country and world," said Jim Chamberlain, IVoDS Project Manager for AZ Technology, Inc, an integrator who is utilizing CUseeMe Web to develop a remote collaboration and conferencing system for NASA's International Space Station. "CUseeMe Web 2.0 allows us to tailor the conferencing system to fit NASA's requirements, rather than limiting us with a canned, fixed capability. CUseeMe's web-based approach is both robust and flexible, allowing us to add new functions as our customer expands its use of IP-based collaboration." The IVoDS system links researchers, operations personnel, and Space Station crew together and supports real-time experiment planning and operations.

New Features
CUseeMe Web technology version 2 was developed specifically to meet the needs of corporate desktop conferencing. It includes a number of new features that facilitate its use in an enterprise environment:

Enterprise Desktop Deployment
CUseeMe Web works with the CUseeMe Conference Server to provide a complete end-to-end product solution for desktop video communications. Because of its web-based nature, CUseeMe Web is much easier to deploy throughout the enterprise and more flexible than traditional modes of videoconferencing. As a web-based client, it is automatically installed the first time a user connects to a conference, eliminating the need for a separate client install on the desktop. CUseeMe Web is scalable for mass deployments and can be easily integrated into the corporate intranet and other workflow processes. It simplifies communications for both IT managers and end users by making collaborative services available through an interface that users know and use regularly, thus eliminating the need for additional training and support.

How it Works
CUseeMe Web technology is enabled using a software developer kit (SDK) to embed audio, video, collaboration and conference control features into any web page or application. Web developers can choose to implement out-of-the-box templates for immediate use, or customize the web-based user interface. CUseeMe Web provides unprecedented flexibility, enabling users to access different web templates for different kinds of communication. A user might connect to one web interface for a training session, another for a weekly team meeting, and yet another for ad-hoc communication with a colleague. Templates might vary by number and size of video windows, arrangement, and inclusion of various collaboration tools.

About CUseeMe Networks
CUseeMe Networks is a leading provider of innovative technologies that enable voice and visual communications over IP-based networks. CUseeMe Networks provides cost-effective, integrated end-to-end software solutions for large-scale deployments of video collaboration to enterprise desktops. With over a decade of IP-based communications experience, CUseeMe Networks is the pioneer in interactive voice, video, and data collaboration. Its award-winning technology facilitates standards-based collaborative communications, both one-on-one and in groups, over corporate intranets, virtual private networks (VPNs), and the open Internet. Products such as the CUseeMe Conference Server, a software-based multipoint control unit (MCU), and CUseeMe Web, a flexible web-based desktop videoconferencing client technology, work hand-in-hand to provide maximum flexibility, seamless integration, and scalability, in combination with outstanding performance, reliability, and features. The company's desktop conferencing solutions can be integrated seamlessly into popular enterprise messaging and collaboration environments such as Microsoft Exchange. CUseeMe Networks partners with resellers, integrators and service providers to deploy its solutions worldwide. Information about CUseeMe Networks can be found on the web at

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