eOriginal, Inc. and Guardian Mortgage Documents, Inc. Enter Into Agreement to Enable Fully Electronic Loans in 2001

BALTIMORE, Md. - February 21, 2001 - eOriginal, Inc., the leading provider of electronic negotiable instruments, securities and source records, and Guardian Mortgage Documents, Inc., a leading technology solutions provider for electronic loan document preparation and delivery, today announced an agreement to tightly integrate Guardian's document preparation software with eOriginal's electronic mortgage solution. By April 2001, this combined solution will enable Guardian's extensive client base-consisting of over 500 mortgage bankers, brokers, attorneys and credit unions-to quickly and easily subscribe to the eOriginal™ system to execute fully electronic mortgage closings nationwide.

"By integrating with eOriginal, Guardian will enable its clients to take full advantage of this state-of-the-art paperless mortgage solution and capture the significant cost and time savings enabled by legally enforceable, fully electronic loans," said Mike O'Leary, President, Guardian Mortgage Documents. "We believe eOriginal is on the cutting edge of electronic mortgage closings and our alliance with them represents an important step in Guardian's ongoing commitment to be a leading provider of innovative solutions to the lending industry."

"We are excited Guardian has chosen eOriginal's solution to enable their customers and to provide them with the many advantages of legally enforceable, fully electronic loans," said Joe Bryant, President, Real Estate Group, eOriginal. "We welcome Guardian and their customers to the growing family of eOriginal users and salute Guardian's vision and leadership in facilitating the transition to fully electronic mortgages for both their customers and the industry."

eOriginal's system is the only electronic negotiable instrument solution today fully compliant with both E-Sign and Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) legislation. eOriginal was also recently named one of the six best-positioned e-Lending companies for 2001 by

In addition to its mortgage industry solution, eOriginal is developing Application Service Provider (ASP) platforms for the commercial equipment and vehicle leasing industries as well as the marine, rail and air cargo transportation industries. Another product currently in development, eCore, will enable large enterprises to create, execute, store, retrieve, transfer, trade and syndicate legally enforceable, electronic negotiable instruments using existing enterprise applications platforms.

About eOriginal

eOriginal, Inc. is the leading provider of electronic negotiable instruments, securities and source record software solutions enabling enterprises to execute secure, online business transactions in which legally enforceable electronic documents completely replace paper as the essential high value assets or source records.

eOriginal is unique. It is the only company that offers a complete, comprehensive and integrated solution capable of creating Electronic Originals™ that are legally accepted as negotiable instruments and insured by a respected global insurance provider, and the only e-commerce solution that fully complies with all six transferable record criteria of E-Sign and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) legislation.

The company's patented business process provides the ability to create Electronic Original™ documents that are unique, identifiable, authentic and unalterable, survive the execution of the transaction and serve as permanent, original source records in electronic form. Electronic Original™ documents are as authentic and trustworthy as signed, legally enforceable paper documents.

eOriginal's technology integrates best-of-breed public cryptography systems, electronic signatures, smart card and portable token security devices, imaging and document management, and secure electronic storage. The result is a secure and trusted environment in which to completely execute critical business transactions, and trade or transfer legally enforceable electronic negotiable instruments such as electronic mortgages, leases, bills of lading, letters of credit, regulatory filings and stock certificates. The company ensures the authenticity of Electronic Original™ documents, the identity of the signatories and the integrity of the content.

eOriginal, Inc. is headquartered in The Warehouse at Camden Yards in Baltimore, MD. For more information, please visit

About Guardian

Guardian specializes in providing the national lending community with technological solutions for loan document preparation, electronic delivery and closing coordination services. Guardian's products and services focus on streamlining the closing process by using specialized software to create and deliver high-quality closing documents wherever and whenever they are needed. Guardian's client portfolio includes a wide variety of organizations and professionals; lenders of all sizes (top-ten to rural independents), mortgage bankers, brokers, banks, attorneys and credit unions.

Every day, thousands of clients nationwide depend on Guardian technology to streamline workflow, reduce costs and boost productivity while dramatically improving customer satisfaction. Regardless of existing systems, Guardian's team helps clients determine how to become more productive while processing and electronically delivering error-free documents.

Guardian Mortgage Documents is headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado. For more information, please visit Guardian's web site at or call 800-275-4885.


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