Hummingbird Converts Legacy Applications Into E-Business Solutions

Releases version 2.1 of its portal enabled solution for mainframe and midrange application access and rejuvenation

Toronto - January 31, 2001 -- Hummingbird Ltd. (TSE:HUM, NASDAQ:HUMC), a world-leading enterprise software solutions company, today released version 2.1 of a solution that facilitates the rejuvenation process of converting mainframe and mid-range applications into modern user-centric e-Business solutions. This solution consists of two modules: e-ToolkitTM, a designer tool to build graphical user interfaces for host applications; and e-GatewayTM, the back-end server used to deploy these customized application interfaces via the web.

"Hummingbird has a history of developing high end, business critical solutions to connect desktops and web-browsers to back-office servers," says Sami Hero, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Hummingbird, "Our experience in deploying tens of thousands of users in Global 2000 companies gives us a significant advantage over our competitors. Hummingbird e-GatewayTM and e-ToolkitTM will play a significant role in deploying and modernizing business-critical host applications in the new e-economy."

Hummingbird e-ToolkitTM is a comprehensive set of graphical development tools for administrators and designers to access and rejuvenate host application screens for end-users. By using Hummingbird e-ToolkitTM, it is no longer necessary to re-engineer host applications to provide highly customized browser-based access to users.

Hummingbird e-GatewayTM delivers a small footprint, real-time Web-to-Host deployment solution that allows administrators to publish the rejuvenated host applications created by e-ToolkitTM. Hummingbird e-GatewayTM also allows direct access to the original character based interface of the applications.

Hummingbird e-GatewayTM is fully portal-integrated, which allows Hummingbird EIPTM (Enterprise Information Portal) to access business-critical legacy applications inside the portal interface. By utilizing the portal to access host applications users will benefit from single logon, centralized point of access, industry leading searching and categorization technology as well as a fully customizable web-workspace.

Availability and Pricing
Hummingbird e-ToolkitTM is available on Windows NT and Windows 2000. In addition to these two platforms Hummingbird e-GatewayTM is also supported on Sun Solaris. Both products are available immediately.

Hummingbird e-Toolkit is priced at $6,995 per developer. Hummingbird e-GatewayTM is licensed on a per seat basis starting from $245.

About Hummingbird
Hummingbird (NASDAQ: HUMC; TSE: HUM) develops enterprise software solutions that provide the ability to access and act upon all business-critical information and resources, aggregated and categorized through a single user interface. Hummingbird offers these global enterprise solutions through the desktop and the Web with Hummingbird EIPTM (Enterprise Information Portal), the cornerstone product of the firm's e-Business solutions. Integrated within Hummingbird EIPTM are the firm's proven technologies for host access and network connectivity, data integration and business intelligence, analytical applications as well as document and content management. The company offers its solutions, along with related consulting, education, and support services, in more than 50 countries around the world. For more information, please visit:

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