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eRoom Technology and CGE&Y Center for Business Innovation's Envisioning the eWorkplace Concludes with Predictions for Next Decade

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., - January 30, 2001 - Offering visions of a world ruled by such concepts as "face-to-face" stocks, spontaneous brain raves and the "shut-up revolution," a gathering of some of the industry's premier thought leaders peered 10 years into the future and issued a missive to the next generation of virtual workers as the two-day Envisioning the eWorkplace event came to a close last week.

The day-long, invitation-only series of brainstorming sessions at the Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (CGE&Y) Center for Business Innovation was highlighted by an exchange of recommendations of what needs to take place if the virtual workplace is to evolve over the next decade. The directives ranged from societal issues such as a radical restructuring of secondary education, new forms of representation in government and revamped compensation models, to technological needs such as virtual collaboration. The discussion also touched on human elements calling for a greater balance in ego and the proper amount of walks in the park.

Prior to making their recommendations, the group was asked to provide a lighthearted glimpse of the future through the eyes of the media in 2010, which led to stories on everything from companies that profited from promoting face-to-face communication to a revolution founded on the need to protect one's privacy. Some ideas sought to change the status quo. One fictional Time magazine headline read: "Starbucks Sells Their Last Cup of Coffee…No Longer Key to Their Business; Begins Offering Office Space, Laptops, Cell Phones."

The event, which was co-sponsored by the CGE&Y Center for Business Innovation and eRoom Technology, concluded with a "final rant" during which five speakers in Cambridge addressed the online audience at the simultaneous virtual conference that was taking place on The speeches painted a picture of a virtual work environment as a new ecosystem for progress that, despite its obvious room for pitfalls, will transform the workplace into a place that adds value to an individual's life rather than takes time from it.

"This was the embodiment of the type of exchanges that will drive a future governed by a virtual workplace," Francois Gossieaux, vice president and chief marketing officer for eRoom Technology, said. "It is our hope that the ideas generated over the two days can serve as a rough blueprint for the next decade and bridge some of the gaps as the workplace becomes even more distributed."

Throughout the day, the consensus among the 50 authors, analysts, business leaders, and media gathered at the Center was that, regardless of the form the virtual workplace takes, it will require flexibility from its workforce.

"People who need to have a clear road map ahead and who love the idea that you graduate from college and then there's a career path … those people should be very frightened," Jerry Michalski, founder of Sociate and former editor-in-chief of Release 1.0, said. "Nothing's really going to be as clear as that. They're going to have to make a lot of choices that confuse them. But if they can live with paradox and live with complexity, they'll be very happy."

As events at the Center unfolded, the successful online conference continued with a series of presentations focused on how leading companies are changing the way business is done through collaborative virtual workplaces. Highlights included:

Transcripts of the entire Envisioning the eWorkplace event will be archived and available at

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