Owens Corning Selects InfoImage Freedom™ Decision Portal to Strengthen Customer Service

Phoenix, Ariz., - January 30, 2001 – InfoImage, Inc. today announced that Owens Corning, a $5 billion global leader in the manufacture of advanced glass and building material systems, has chosen the company’s InfoImage Freedom™ enterprise decision portal. Owens Corning will deploy the Freedom portal so that its customers have greater access to information and can further improve efficiency and streamline customer inquiry cycle times. Owens Corning’s goal is to raise customer service to a new level at all touch points.  
InfoImage Freedom enterprise decision portals help people work more efficiently and make better, faster decisions by consolidating relevant information from disparate data sources. This includes corporate databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, e-mail, calendaring, and the Web. These information sources are unified into a single desktop view that enables collaboration among key work partners across an enterprise.  
“Customer satisfaction is one of Owens Corning’s core values,” said Steve Zerby, e-business strategist, Owens Corning. “To help us understand our customers even better and more efficiently anticipate their needs, we chose the Freedom portal. We believe that it provides us with an important foundation that will enable us not only to meet, but exceed, our customers’ expectations. Freedom leverages technology investments that are already core to Owens Corning.” 
“Freedom is all about bringing relevant, business critical information to the people who need it – when and how they need it,” said Randall Eckel, president and CEO of InfoImage. With Owens Corning’s strong commitment to customer service, the aggregation of information from our customer service system, financial and order information from our business systems and product information from our intranet makes Freedom and essential tool for their success.” 
Implementation of the Freedom portal at Owens Corning began January 15 and includes both intranet and extranet users.  
About Owens Corning 
Owens Corning, the company that invented glass fiber insulation, boasts a history of innovation and entrepreneurship. This legacy has continued as the company grew into the world leader in advanced glass and building material systems, and expands globally through today's competitive, international markets. Today, Owens Corning is a $5 billion global, industry leader with more than 20,000 employees around the world and with manufacturing, sales and research facilities including joint venture and licensee relationships in more than 30 countries on six continents. Additional information about Owens Corning can found at http://www.owenscorning.com.