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Lotus and Seagate Software to Offer
Crystal Enterprise Reporting to Lotus K-station Customers

Cambridge, Mass. and Scotts Valley, CA, January 8, 2001 -- Lotus Development Corporation, a leading provider of knowledge management solutions and Seagate Software, a leader in enterprise reporting and analysis, today announced a joint initiative to provide business leaders with an advanced collaborative knowledge portal- enabling users to look at data in new and revolutionary ways to help make better, faster business decisions and improve business performance.

By integrating Seagate Software's top-of-the-line enterprise reporting solution, Crystal Enterprise, with Lotus' recently announced K-station knowledge portal - the first product to be delivered from its much anticipated knowledge management project - customers now have a secure online venue for organization, collaboration and web-based reporting and analysis for their existing products and infrastructures.

"We currently use Seagate Software's enterprise web-reporting technologies and have been very impressed with the results," said Dave Pigott at Boston Properties. "Being a Lotus customer as well, we think the marriage of the K-Station and Crystal Enterprise technologies is a win-win situation for all potential customers."

Lotus K-station, a combination of advanced Lotus portal technologies, tools and services, is designed to bring new levels of collaboration and functionality to end users, giving them a single point of access to knowledge sources such as HTML, Lotus Notes/Domino, Microsoft Exchange 2000, Office and Hotmail and more.

The recently announced Crystal Enterprise is a powerful new enterprise reporting solution that provides sophisticated and reliable reporting across an organization. Based on an innovative web-based reporting and analysis infrastructure, Crystal Enterprise provides users with the relevant, up-to-date information they need, resulting in greater productivity and profitability.

"Lotus chose to work with Seagate Software because of their superior solutions and leadership in the enterprise reporting market," said Scott Cooper, vice president of knowledge management products at Lotus. "The addition of Seagate Software's business intelligence software will enhance how users store, access and manage critical information from within K-station. Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools they need to make faster and more comprehensive decisions, improving their overall business performance.

"We are pleased to be an integral part of Lotus' strategic approach to knowledge management," said Tony Wind, vice president of product development at Seagate Software. "We believe the combination of Lotus' feature rich K-station technology and our Crystal Enterprise software will provide customers with the most robust collaborative knowledge portal on the market today. As a result, customers are empowered with the ability to share and gather market intelligence, helping them gain a competitive advantage."

The combined offering of K-station and Crystal Enterprise will provide users worldwide with a sophisticated and reliable solution for document management, collaboration and web reporting. Together, these products also demonstrate the commitment of both companies to providing customers with comprehensive knowledge management solution, adding value to any business proposition where people, places and things are unified in a meaningful business context.

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For more information about Lotus Knowledge Management, including K-station, please call (800) 343-5414 or visit Lotus' website at www.lotus.com/kstation. For information Seagate Software products phone (800) 877-2340 (North America) or (604) 681-3435 (International) or visit Seagate Software at www.seagatesoftware.com.

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