BioComp Systems Announces Deployment of On-Line Intelligence Software

    March 5, 2001 -- (REDMOND, WA)

BioComp Systems announced today the deployment of their Process Intellect™ system in a large-scale chemical manufacturing operation. Process Intellect is an on-line process intelligence system for manufacturing that, amongst other capabilities, predicts key product and process performance metrics and anticipates, diagnoses and formulates solutions to improve product quality and consistency.

This deployment will help a global chemical manufacturer dynamically predict product quality using Process Intellect's accurate Performance Predictor™ capabilities. The customer's process engineers and operators will have immediate feedback on product properties as process adjustments are made, rather than having to wait up to an hour for lab test results.

In this implementation, Process Intellect will continuously extract process data from OSI's PI Data Archive, calculate accurate estimates of product quality and write the results back to the historian for immediate feed back to operators. This will reduce the cycle time between process change and quality result from hours to seconds.

The system took only one day to install, configure and put into service. The first prediction of product performance generated was over 99% accurate.

"We are excited about this implementation", says Carl Cook, president and CEO of BioComp Systems, "It not only shows that advanced technologies are easy to deploy, but it opens completely new avenues of predictive understanding and improvement that will drive manufacturing performance in an ever-challenging economy."

Process Intellect's capabilities capitalize on BioComp's new proprietary "Mesh" modeling technology that converts process conditions into accurate estimates of product performance. After a decade of experience, BioComp Systems no longer deploys neural network based technologies, as BioComp's new self-optimizing proprietary Mesh modeling technology has proven itself superior in both BioComp's labs as well as in customers' applications.

With customers in over 40 countries, BioComp Systems is fast growing global provider of intelligent systems that enhance business performance in manufacturing, marketing and finance.

CONTACT: John Sims
Phone: 425/869-6770