Leading Keyboard Manufacturer Integrates 
DigitalPersona’s Biometric Technology

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (March 29, 2001) – In a move that boldly highlights its position as the leading provider of fingerprint recognition systems, DigitalPersona™ announced today that its U.are.U® biometric authentication sensor will be incorporated into the new generation of keyboards being produced by Darfon Electronics Corporation. Darfon, a subsidiary of Acer Communications and Multimedia, is the current Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of mechanical, membrane and USB keyboards for many of the leading global hardware manufacturers, including Acer, Apple, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM, LG and more. “We have seen increasing demand for fingerprint recognition keyboards and the market is growing,” said Allen Hu, director of input devices at Darfon. 
“Integrating U.are.U technology with Darfon’s new generation of keyboards is only the latest step towards making fingerprint recognition a computer industry security standard,” said Fabio Righi, president and chief executive officer of DigitalPersona. “As system integrity becomes exponentially more important, consumers will expect that access to secured information from a network or online environment can be accomplished with only the touch of a finger.”
The inclusion of DigitalPersona’s U.are.U technology in the input device environment provides the next wave of security enhancement. By embedding the fingerprint identification sensor and software within Darfon’s fingerprint keyboard unit, users gain the convenience and security of technology that Computer Reseller News hailed as “the most accurate biometric devices tested.”
Biometric security solutions are becoming increasingly more popular as system developers seek to move away from expensive and time-consuming password systems. Financial institutions, healthcare organizations, military and government agencies have already begun the transition away from password-based security in favor of fingerprint recognition systems as each recognized that eliminating employees’ needs to maintain and update passwords saves both valuable time and money for the business. With the proliferation of data shared over the Internet, fingerprints provide an easy, non-intrusive method for users to guarantee only authorized recipients can obtain information. As consumers and professionals demand even more convenient means of maintaining system integrity, keyboards with integrated biometric technology are well positioned to fulfill those desires.

About DigitalPersona
DigitalPersona, developer of the innovative U.are.U® biometric security solutions, brings both heightened security and convenience to users. DigitalPersona has developed next generation fingerprint recognition hardware and software technology enabling market-ready solutions. With a user-friendly interface and the highest level of security for corporations, Internet, and home, users can now safeguard their digital accounts and information. Based in Redwood City, Calif., the company distributes its product through an extensive network of OEM, VAR, reseller and retail channels and has attracted strategic partnerships with major computer and peripheral manufacturers. Third party developers also are selling the product into medical, legal, finance/banking, retail/POS and access control markets.
DigitalPersona's award-winning U.are.U biometric security solutions include U.are.U Online for the Internet, U.are.U Pro for corporate networks and U.are.U Deluxe for home and office computers. Each solution is designed to confirm an individual’s identity and protect access to sensitive information, while reducing the high costs associated with password management. U.are.U has received numerous awards, including the "Editor’s Choice" award from PC Magazine and Network Computing and the "Best of Comdex" award from PC Week.

About Darfon Electronics Corp.
Darfon is a subsidiary of the Acer Communications and Multimedia Inc. with a total investment of NT$1.3 billion (US$40 million). Input devices, MLCCs, Chip Inductors, FBT and SMT transformer are currently Darfon’s primary product lines. While continually developing the newest technologies, manufacturing advanced products, and exploring new models for mutual customer cooperation, Darfon also provides customer-oriented, value-added services. Darfon is one of the world’s five largest manufacturers of computer keyboards and high-end electronics materials, and stresses an innovative and proactive attitude to bring consumers the ultimate Information Age lifestyle. 

Bringing innovation and technology to the desktop, Darfon established its own input devices technology from PS/2, USB, wireless, RF keyboard, bluetooth devices, mouse and so on. As a result, last year Darfon successfully mass-produced USB smart card and fingerprint keyboards that are a growing force in the market, the keyboard has implemented the biometric security solutions with highest level of security. With a user-friendly interface, the programmable hotkeys make connecting to Internet much easier.


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