DigitalReach Corporation Announces Beta Software Release; Database-Driven Software to Streamline Human Capital Management Processes

    ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- March 1, 2001 -- DigitalReach Corporation, a provider of Human Capital Management software solutions, today announced the completion of DigitalReach Beta, an application that allows companies to precisely manage the human resource supply chain through an evolutionary database approach.

    "Our application represents a major step towards a fully enabled human resource solution," said DigitalReach President and CEO, Roland Thomas. "It will allow organizations to recruit, hire, and retain employees more effectively. By identifying employee strong points or skills gaps and taking proactive measures, a company can optimize the use of their greatest asset: their people."

    The Beta release contains significant enhancements over Alpha and offers powerful features not found in offerings by competitors. DigitalReach matching logic is based on industry specific skills and template libraries that eliminate subjective keyword searches. Furthermore, the software generates reports that facilitate workforce planning, skills inventory, and regulatory compliance. The application is developed and optimized on Microsoft(R) technology and will integrate with existing ERP, HRIS and e-Learning systems.

    Alpha customer Paragon Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) gave an enthusiastic review. "We have found DigitalReach to be a very effective tool for skills management and recruiting," said Doug Hartmann, President and CEO of PDI. "The software is extremely powerful and easy to navigate. We look forward to the enhanced functionality of the Beta product. We will soon be able to more effectively track and manage our current skill sets as well as quickly identify qualified candidates for open positions. I believe we will save significant time and money on a cost-per-hire basis."

    "Last month at the e-HR Summit it became apparent that we are providing a vital solution which addresses the key challenges of the Human Capital Management market," said John Osborne, Vice President of Sales. "Response from customers was incredible. Our Beta product is unique in that it was developed with a fresh eye on the industry, rather than a retrofitting of old methodologies to new technologies." Several leading executive recruiting, professional services and Internet technology firms will be Beta testing the product. DigitalReach anticipates commercial launch in the second quarter of 2001.

    About DigitalReach

    DigitalReach Corporation is a developer and provider of People Asset Management software solutions and integration services that are transforming the way organizations plan for, hire and retain their most valuable asset -- people. By addressing the challenges of human capital management, DigitalReach empowers organizations to make better business decisions while saving both time and money. The DigitalReach software suite and management tools provide a unique solution that precisely matches employers' job requirements to the skill sets of potential candidates.


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