Expertcity's DesktopStreaming Is Now an Ideal Support and Sales Tool

New Feature Allows Sales Representatives to Perform Online Demonstrations and Presentations by Sharing Their Screens With Customers and Prospects

    SANTA BARBARA, Calif. --March 27, 2001--     Expertcity Inc., the leading provider of Web-based remote-access and customer-support technologies, today announced 2-Way ScreenSharing, a new functionality that significantly expands the breadth of the company's flagship DesktopStreaming(TM) product to include a one-click connection for online sales presentations and remote demonstrations.
    The core DesktopStreaming technology, upon which 2-Way ScreenSharing is based, empowers customer-support representatives to escalate a session as necessary to remotely view the customer's computer, and share mouse and keyboard control with the customer. 2-Way ScreenSharing allows salespersons and customer-support representatives to show their screen to prospects and customers.
    Benefits of 2-Way ScreenSharing include:

-- Empowering a salesperson to present a demonstration directly on the customer's computer while collaborating with the customer, using DesktopStreaming's powerful communication tools.
-- Allowing a customer-service representative to review information such as billing or registration information with the customer by displaying the information on the customer's screen. This allows representatives to quickly answer customers' inquiries by drawing upon information contained in their customer databases.
-- Enabling meetings and demonstrations to take place on-the-fly
-- no setup is required.

    "This powerful new feature opens up a new market opportunity for DesktopStreaming," said Chuck Massanari, vice president of ASP sales at Expertcity. "Just as DesktopStreaming is now recognized as the leading application for external customer support and internal help-desk support, we are confident that it will also become the leading product for companies looking for sales and collaboration tools to enable instant demos, interactive meetings and online collaboration with their customers and prospects.
    "Unlike meeting-place technology, we don't force our customers to create an artificial meeting place to collaborate. Our one-click connection allows our customers to collaborate in seconds, which greatly facilitates ad hoc, real-time sales presentations."
    "It's easy to talk about great remote sales support, but how do you prove it to a prospective client," posed Ronald Fudge, vice president of financial systems for Maryland Management System, a client of DesktopStreaming. "With Expertcity's new 2-Way ScreenSharing, I can now take a giant step to showing our superiority.
    "I received a call from a CEO in Kansas just a few days ago. I went through the usual sales pitch, and then she asked how she could see a demo. First, I explained that I would normally need to come on site and spend the day, but that with DesktopStreaming I could provide her with a demo right now.
    "She was baffled -- how could I do this? She connected in seconds through DesktopStreaming, which alone floored her. Not the first time I've gotten a 'wow' response using the technology for a remote demo. After showing her the cool features, I then really blew her mind when I reversed the session. At this point, I had a potential customer who was truly excited about our product. With DesktopStreaming's new 2-Way ScreenSharing feature, I took a prospective customer from a passing interest to absolutely hooked in about ten minutes."

    Expertcity Inc.

    Expertcity Inc. is the leading provider of Web-based remote-access and customer-support technologies. The company's proprietary screen-sharing technology employs a secure communication architecture that incorporates sophisticated compression to enable instant streaming of a computer's desktop display between any two Internet-connected computers.
    Expertcity offers three products: provides technical support to consumers via a real-time marketplace; is an application service that allows enterprises to remotely assist their users; and enables both consumers and enterprises to remotely access and work on their PCs from any Internet location.
    The company, founded in 1999, includes Sun Microsystems, Colgate-Palmolive, LivePerson, DecisionOne, Cox Communications, SITEL Corp., CDW and CompUSA among its clients. Investors include Sun Microsystems, ZDNet, Bertelsmann Ventures and Wit SoundView Ventures. Headquarters are located in Santa Barbara.

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