Strategic Business Intelligence Techniques Revealed at Frost & Sullivan’s Eighth Annual Business Intelligence Conference

March 12, 2001 New York -- Does your company share interdepartmental information effectively? Many companies have databases and information files that subsist in only specific departments of the organization, even though people in other divisions could utilize the information. Integrating a strong business intelligence (BI) strategy would enable all departments to share their information across the board and in turn, empower the executives to make better decisions.

Business intelligence is the outgrowth of the competitive needs to support business decisions with less intuitive process in favor of more substantial and credible resources. What factors are really driving the need for decision support? Determine how BI can and should influence corporate strategy at Frost & Sullivan’s Eighth Annual Business Intelligence Conference and Exhibition taking place April 23-26, 2001 in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida at the Wyndham Miami Beach Resort.

Senior Executives from leading industry companies are being assembled to share their techniques and provide insights into the business intelligence strategies that they have been successful with.

Keynote speaker, Bill Baker, General Manager of SQL Server Business Intelligence Unit for Microsoft will examine Microsoft's own BI initiatives as he presents an informative session on the evolution and state of the business intelligence process. He will address the factors driving the need for decision support, how tools are evolving, and where we are headed as the scope and results of global decisions become more critical, competitive and strategic.

Constructing a bridge between customer intelligence, market intelligence and competitive intelligence in your organization means bringing theory into practice. Before executing this initiative, you need to be equipped with the correct tools in order to be efficient. Garret Cameron, Executive Team Member for Handy & Harman and Bob Schmitt, National Sales Manager for Cribis, will co-present an in-depth case study on actionable intelligence and present an outline on the business intelligence process from the analysis stage to the decision making.

Helene Kassler, Director of Competitive Intelligence Applications for Northern Light Technology will explore the psychological profiling process and uses of the Internet as a competitive intelligence function. She will also examine resources and research techniques that have proven successful for a wide range of industries as well as sharing insights into the objectives and practices of the world’s most respected competitive intelligence research teams

Senior Executives from Microsoft and Cognos will join forces to present a case study: Collecting, Sharing, and Applying Information an eBusiness Environment. This case study will demonstrate how ITXC implements business intelligence solutions to manage and evaluate data from both its own enterprise-wide process and its wide range of customers, including ISPs, web-to-phone providers, worldwide termination providers, eCommerce merchants, and many others.

Lucent’s Senior Manger, market/Competitive Intelligence. Paul Alcantra will help you define your BI data Needs: who, needs to know what! This session will help you identify decision-makers, pinpoint their needs and integrate cross-functional and specific needs into your BI structure.

Don’t allow decisions that determine the future of your organization’s success to be made arbitrarily. Learn the steps and strategic techniques to implementing a successful business intelligence program at Frost & Sullivan’s Eighth Annual Business Intelligence Conference and Exhibition. Your competitors will be there – will you?

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