March 5, 2001

Iowa Bankers converts to INTERLINQ mortgage technology
Iowa Bankers selects MortgageWare Enterprise solution to streamline lending and servicing operations

Bellevue, Washington, March 5, 2001 - INTERLINQ® Software Corporation (Nasdaq: INLQ) today announced that Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation has converted its loan production and servicing operations to INTERLINQ's MortgageWare® Enterprise product suite. The Des Moines-based company processes and services loans for a network of about 150 lenders in Iowa.

The MortgageWare Enterprise automates and streamlines the complex business processes involved in moving mortgage loan transactions through the pipeline, managing data for analysis within the company and ultimately servicing the loan. INTERLINQ's product suite enables companies like Iowa Bankers to build integrated systems for all business processes and leverage information enterprise-wide, resulting in lower operational costs and increased efficiency in every department.

"When we began looking for a consolidated solution for a production and servicing system, we wanted to lower our costs and increase our efficiency," said Dan Vessely, president of Iowa Bankers. "INTERLINQ offers this, and we are confident the technology will help us create efficiencies and lower the cost of managing our loans."

The MortgageWare Enterprise product suite delivers on the promise of an integrated system, helping a lender manage each loan throughout its entire life cycle. Each solution in the product suite builds on the most appropriate technologies for the business process it expedites. As a result, lenders and servicers reap the benefits of powerful 32-bit architecture, flexible COM architecture, workflow automation, elegant thin-client technology and easy-to-use Windows® and browser-based interfaces.

"The MortgageWare Enterprise product suite is the most tightly integrated front-to-back solution available," said Jiri Nechleba, INTERLINQ president and CEO. "With this integration, forward thinking lenders like Iowa Bankers can streamline their business activities, gain increased efficiencies and ultimately be more competitive in an increasingly competitive marketplace."

INTERLINQ Software Corporation, established in 1982, is a leading provider of technology that helps organizations effectively manage complex, information-intensive business transactions. The company's mortgage technology division offers client-server-based business solutions to commercial banks, mortgage banks, credit unions and savings institutions, including a number of the top originators. INTERLINQ lending systems process approximately one in eight retail home loans, more than any other system. INTERLINQ's enterprise technology division provides process-centered, enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions. INTERLINQ is a proven innovator in EAI software technology and business-process knowledge management; its technology solutions have won industry recognition and awards. More information on INTERLINQ's products and services is available on the company's Web site at