Swiss Re Chooses Plumtree to Create Dual Portals for Clients And 9,000 Employees Worldwide

   Global Reinsurer Speeds Financial Services With Enterprise-Wide Internal
                             And External Portals

    SAN FRANCISCO, March 6 -- Corporate portal software-maker
Plumtree Software today announced that Swiss Re, one of the world's largest
reinsurers, is deploying dual Plumtree-powered portals to streamline internal
processes and deliver client services online.  Swiss Re picked Plumtree to
create both an internal portal for 9,000 employees enterprise-wide and an
e-business portal for clients, investors and media worldwide.  The internal
portal, known as the knowledge portal, aggregates content from industry news
sources, intranet sites and hundreds of Lotus Notes databases in a single
desktop destination.  The external portal, known as the Swiss Re Portal,
offers clients convenient access to electronic risk trading and policy
management tools, personalized industry research and interactive applications
for assessing risk.  The Plumtree platform spans Swiss Re's global business,
helping drive enterprise-wide collaboration and build stronger customer
    "Swiss Re's two portals form one, broader vision of better customer
service," said Yury Zaytsev, member of the Executive Board and head of the IT
division at Swiss Re.  "The Plumtree Corporate Portal is both the new desktop
for our employees and the new reception desk for our clients, who benefit from
the speed, security and efficiency of our Internet-based business processes.
The risk business is driven by data, and Plumtree is helping Swiss Re deliver
it to our employees and clients faster than ever."

    What's in Swiss Re's Internal Portal? Notes Content, Services
    Plumtree is helping Swiss Re bring together hundreds of documents on
intranet and Internet sites in a single, searchable desktop directory.
Plumtree's out-of-the-box integration with native Notes programming interfaces
empowers Swiss Re to organize content from hundreds of Notes databases into an
enterprise-wide knowledge base.  Swiss Re is migrating a corporate taxonomy to
the internal portal, helping prevent redundancy, spread expertise, and speed
risk and capital management services.  Swiss Re plans to integrate Notes
messaging and calendaring services into the internal portal as Plumtree Portal
Gadgets(TM), plug-in components that embed key services of enterprise
applications and Internet sites on the business desktop.

    What's in Swiss Re's External Portal? Newsfeeds, Risk Analyses
    Plumtree's extensible portal platform offers Swiss Re a framework for
deploying new business information and applications quickly to employees,
partners and clients.  Swiss Re's external portal, launched last October,
provides clients with targeted newsfeeds and statistical data and analyses,
and guides them securely to Swiss Re's Web-based electronic risk exchange and
reinsurance accounting platforms, shortening processing times and
strengthening client relationships.  The company will expand the content it
offers clients through the external portal with research from partners in
expert communities, and add new transaction-based Web services.  Over
1,000 clients now visit the Swiss Re Portal at, a
single Web destination for such services as:

    -- "sigma Chartroom," which offers regularly updated insurance and
       reinsurance data analyses for download as EXCEL worksheets;
    -- "NewsEdge," a gadget that delivers news on over 50 topics relating to
       the reinsurance and insurance industry; and
    -- "CatNet," an interactive world atlas that offers a quick overview of
       natural hazard data worldwide.

    "Swiss Re joins a growing number of leaders in fast-moving financial
markets who are deploying the Plumtree Corporate Portal to deliver the
information and services that employees, partners and customers need to make
the decisions that can mean millions of dollars of difference," said Plumtree
CEO John Kunze.  "Swiss Re is building on the Plumtree platform to help bring
its business online-reducing costs, spreading know-how and driving global

    About Plumtree Software
    Plumtree Software is creating a simple, personalized Web portal to the
information and applications that businesses use every day.  Plumtree's
extensible portal platform organizes links to different types of corporate
documents in a Web directory, and assembles application and Internet services
from different systems in a personalized Web page.  Plumtree embeds services
from other systems in its portal platform using plug-in components called
Plumtree Portal Gadgets(TM), which can be developed in a wide variety of
programming environments, on a broad range of platforms.  Hundreds of gadgets
have been developed by Plumtree and its partners, integrating into the portal
application services and content from such vendors as Business Objects,
Documentum, eRoom Technology, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Siebel Systems and others.
Plumtree's strategy is to build a network of portal technology and deployment
expertise that is unmatched in the industry.  Plumtree has more than
60 systems integrators, including PricewaterhouseCoopers and Compaq Computer,
and over 175 customers, including Ford Motor Company and Procter & Gamble.
Plumtree is working with its technology vendors, systems integrators and
customers to fortify the Plumtree platform with new gadgets,
customer-syndicated content, better deployment methodologies, and
industry-specific portal applications.  To learn more about Plumtree, visit, or see a demonstration at

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