PeopleSoft and Cognos® Offer Powerful Reporting and Analysis Tool to Higher Education Customers

- Enterprise Leaders Enable Mission-Critical Decision Making -

PLEASANTON, Calif, May 8, 2001—PeopleSoft Inc. (Nasdaq: PSFT) and Cognos® (NASDAQ:COGN; TSE:CSN), today announced a combined solution that delivers higher education customers rapid, near real-time access to vital business information. PeopleSoft Operational Data Store (ODS), a cost-effective reporting database solution supported by Cognos enterprise business intelligence, empowers mid-level managers to make timely, informed decisions through its interactive reporting capabilities.

"Speed is critical to every business today. Higher education organizations are no exception," said Jenny Rickard, vice president, PeopleSoft, Learning Solutions. "The combined solution from PeopleSoft and Cognos provides flexible, scalable support for hundreds of users on a daily basis. This means that answers are delivered quickly without degrading transaction system performance -- driving true, mission-critical decision support."

The ability to drive important "information through the enterprise" is one of the single largest priorities for higher education, according to a recent Gartner Group report. The PeopleSoft ODS provides higher education customers with accelerated access to vital information in formats most useful to their organizations. Designed to complement existing transaction and analytic solutions including PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), PeopleSoft ODS provides organizations with access to interactive queries and reporting from their operational data stores. The result is the ability to perform high-speed retrievals of information from detailed PeopleSoft Student Administration and Advancement records.

Cognos business intelligence provides PeopleSoft customers with an integrated Web-based suite of tools for query, reporting and analysis. In addition, Cognos offers higher education customers rapid, enterprise-wide information access to a cross-section of university personnel. Through the use of Intranet portals, Cognos allows staff to access the key information needed to do their jobs, while providing robust security and access controls.

Stanford University initially installed ODS to address its admissions reporting requirements, then expanded its use of the ODS into student records and financial aid.

"It looks like a good opportunity to save the IT department a lot of work and make data more accessible to academic and business users," said Cedric Bennett, director of Information Systems Delivery and Support, Stanford University. "There are several report extracts that we won't have to create now because PeopleSoft has developed the ODS. It will provide the database from which we will do most of our student data end user reporting."

Like Stanford, several universities nationwide are utilizing the ODS to improve their reporting capabilities. The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) supports 60,000 students and 28 campuses. Kentucky turned to the ODS to empower their staff without degrading the performance of their new PeopleSoft ERP application suite.

"PeopleSoft has outdone itself with the ODS product," says Jon Hesseldenz, vice president of Information Technology for KCTCS. "It's a means by which we will be able to give all 28 of our colleges quick and easy access to their own data without compromising system performance."

"PeopleSoft and Cognos have recognized and addressed one of the critical issues facing higher education today - unlocking data from transactional systems and transforming that raw data into answers," said Ben Plummer, vice president, marketing, Cognos. "Working with key universities and colleges, Cognos and PeopleSoft have been able to build a solid foundation for the success of our customers. Both companies fundamentally believe that allowing our customers to get answers immediately translates into continued organizational success and growth."

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