DS I-AGE 2002

University College Cork (Ireland)  



LIP6-University of Paris 6 (France)  


International Conference on Decision Making and Decision Support in the Internet Age
(DS I-AGE 2002)

IFIP TC8/WG 8.3 Open Conference

University College of Cork (Cork, Ireland) 4th-7th July 2002


The Internet Age and the many changes it has brought into our world has made it necessary to develop new approaches to decision making and decision support. This idea emerges from a series of working conferences organised every two years by IFIP WG 8.3 on Decision Support Systems (DSS) since 1981. The large spread of decision problems, the constant evolution of the use of DSSs, and of collective/distributed tools in the Internet Age requires a widely open conference. The emergence of various streams, all relevant to our discipline, calls for the organization of a conference not limited to traditional DSS views.

Thus, the goal of this conference is to encourage the exchange of new ideas about decision support systems in the Internet Age and to promote their use in the decision making processes of organisations. The emphasis will also be put on emerging needs related to distributed and remote decision which could be supported through the web. New thoughts and new ideas for enhancing decision through the use of web technologies and the World Wide Web are especially welcome.


The topics of interest for the conference are as follows:

  • Decision support systems

  • Decision making

  • Executive Information Systems

  • Negotiation support systems

  • Knowledge and know-how representation for decision

  • Decision training systems

Building on the main focus of the conference, papers related to decision and internet are especially welcome, including (but not restricted to):

  • Distributed decision making,

  • Creating, assessing, sharing, retrieving, filtering and interpreting knowledge in distributed decision making,

  • Information and decision support via the web in developing countries,

  • Using the web for enhancing decisions,

  • Decision and business integration on the web (ERP, Supply Chain Management, etc.),

  • Decision making for e-Business strategies.


Authors are requested to submit full papers not exceeding 10 A4-pages in length with 2cm margins all around containing: the title, authors' names and affiliation, surface and electronic addresses, a 200 words abstract, up to 5 keywords, the text, figures, tables, etc., acknowledgments, and references. Papers should be in MSword format.

 Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Authors must registered on the web site http://afis.ucc.ie/DSIAge2002 and either upload their paper in their password-protected-accounts (in case of difficulty contact DISAGE2002@UCC.ie) or attached to an e-mail to Patrick.Brezillon@lip6.fr .

 Each Paper will be reviewed by two referees at least. Accepted papers will be published only if at least one of the authors is registered in due time. Accepted papers with at least one registered author will appear in the Proceedings of the Conference. After the conference a selection among the best papers of the Proceedings will be published as a book and/or a special issue in a high level journal in the IS area.

Time schedule:

         Paper submission due                         November 30th, 2001

            Notification to authors:                       January 25th, 2002

            Final version of accepted papers:      February 22nd, 2002

            Conference                                            July 4th-7th, 2002

Language: The official language of the conference is English.

Conference location: Cork, the home of the DS I-AGE 2002 conference, is Ireland’s second largest city with a population of 140,000 inhabitants. It is built on the Lee river and quite close to the sea, which gives it a very maritime atmosphere. As a result, seafood is in abundance, though not as prominent as the numerous beers served in the thousands of colorful pubs in the city.

Visitors to the South of Ireland are often equally impressed by the buzzing and friendly nightlife and by the unspoiled nature and landscapes surrounding Cork. Attendees to the DSI-AGE 2002 conference will have ample occasion to sample both during their stay! The banquet will be held in the charming seaside resort of Kinsale with a lovely walk to the old Fort guarding the entrance to Kinsale bay and on the piers to whet the appetites.

The more adventurous may also want to hire a car and extend their visit for a few days to discover the famous landscapes of neighboring Kerry. The web site of the conference features a number of interesting links to find out more about Cork and the South of Ireland.


Important: Last minute information on practical details will be posted on the web site of the conference at http://afis.ucc.ie/DSIAge2002

Conference chair: Jean-Charles Pomerol (University Paris 6, France)

Conference co-chair: Patrick Humphreys (London School of Economics, UK)

Chief Organizing officers: Frédéric Adam (University College of Cork, Ireland) &  Patrick Brézillon (University Paris 6, France)

Steering committee:  

Tung Bui (Hawaii University, USA), Frada Burstein (Monash University, Australia), Andrew McCosh (Edinburgh U., UK), Daniel Power (DSSResources.COM and Northern IA U., USA), Ralph Sprague (Hawaii University, USA).

Local organizing committee (University College of Cork):  

Frédéric Adam (Chair), Dave Sammon (Co-chair), Colette Connolly (Administration) , Joe Cunnigham (Logistics), Karen Neville (Web site coordinator), Gaye Kiely, John McNulty, Philip O'Reilly.

Scientific Programme Committee:

F. Adam (U. College Cork, Ireland)

D. Arnott (Monash U., Australie)

A. Artiba (FUCAM, Mons, Belgium)

L. Bannon (U. Limerick, Ireland)

H. Bhargava (Pennsylvania State U., U. Park, USA)

F. Bodendorf (U. Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)

M. Bohanec (Inst. Jozef Stefan, Slovenia)

M. Brännback (Turku School of Economics, Finland)

P. Brézillon (U. Paris 6, France)

C. Carlsson  (Abo Akademi U., Finland)

S. Carlsson (Jönköping Business School, Sweden)

P. Chau (U. of Hong Kong, China)

J. Climaco (U. de Coimbra, Portugal)

J.C. Courbon (INT, Evry, France)

J. Courtney (Central Florida U., USA)

D. Dolk (Naval Postgraduate School, USA)

G. Doukidis (Athens U. of Economics, Greece)

S. Eom (Southeast Missouri State U., USA)

M. Fahy (U. College Galway, Ireland)

B. Fitzgerald (U. College Cork, Ireland)

G. Forgionne (U. of  Maryland, USA)

C. Holsapple (U. of  Kentucky, USA)

T. Jelassi (ENPC, Paris, France)

O. Larichev (ISA, Moscow, Russia)

C. Loebbecke (Koeln U., Germany)

M. Mora (U. Autonoma de Aguascalientes, Mexico)

E. Miresco (UQAM/ETS, Canada)

C. Murphy (U. College Cork, Ireland)

B. O’Keefe (Brunel U., UK)

D. O’Leary (U. Southern California, USA)

D. Olson (Texas A&M U., USA)

D. Paradice (Florida State U., USA)

P. Perny (U. Paris 6, France)

S. Petrovic (Nottingham U., UK)

B. Ramesh (Georgia State U., Atlanta, USA)

C. Rosenthal-Sabroux (U. de Paris-Dauphine, France)

F. Rowe (U. of Nantes, France)

M. Shakun (NYU, USA)

G. Shanks (U. of Melbourne, Australia)

J.P. Shim (Mississipi State U., USA)

E. Turban (City U., Hong Kong, China)

P. Walden (Abo Akademi U., Finland)

G. Widmeyer (U. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)

S. T-X. Wu (Shih Hsin U., Taipei, Taiwan)

P. Zarate (U. Toulouse 1, France)

G. de Zeeuw (U. of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

C. Zopounnidis (Technical U. of Crete, Greece)