System will help measure effectiveness of programs, detect fraud and abuse.

Lansing, Mich. (May 1, 2001) - Michigan Department of Community HealthDirector, James K. Haveman, Jr., today announced the Department has contractedfor an executive information system 
that will dramatically enhance the way the state manages 
healthcare services.

The new system will provide the department with the tools andinformation to better analyze and measure the effectiveness of programs, morereadily detect fraud and overlapping coverage and improve the overall financialmanagement of major programs such 
as Medicaid. The system will also enable the Department to provide timely,accurate, and meaningful executive-level reports to lawmakers and taxpayersexplaining the overall performance of some of the state’s largest programs

"Michigan has been a leader in implementing information technologysolutions to improve service levels to clients and accountability totaxpayers," said Haveman. "This new system is part of a commitment we’vemade to improve our overall performance, deliver services where and when they’reneeded most, and ensure that taxpayers are getting the best possible return ontheir investment."

Once it is fully implemented, the new system, an Executive Information &Decision Support System, will enable the Department 
to quickly access and analyze raw data from different computer platforms andapplications stored in a data warehouse, and convert 
it into compelling information for high-level management decision- making. Thesystem was designed and implemented by Bull Information Systems, headquarteredin Billerica, Mass., and its subcontractor, The MEDSTAT Group, located in AnnArbor, Mich.

Professionals across the department will be able to use this information toassist them in making a variety of policy decisions. Managers will be able toview summary information to identify where program changes might be necessary;policy and budget analysts 
will be able to analyze data to see how Michigan compares to other states; andmanaged care specialists will be able to use the system 
to measure theperformance of health plans.

Moreover, because many recipients of one Department of CommunityHealth-managed program often receive services from other Department programs,the integrated Executive Information/Decision Support system will give agencystaff members a complete and broad overview of services that individuals orgroups are receiving. In addition to Medicaid, the Department provides a varietyof services through programs such as: the Woman, Infant, Children SupplementalNutrition Program the Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry, the CommunityMental Health Programs, the Maternal and Infant Health Advocacy Program, thePregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, and Lead Screening programs.

"This new system will make it easier for us to analyzethe existing information, which will assist us in forecasting costs, evaluatingprograms and improving services," said Haveman. The new system 
will also assist the Department in more accurately predicting how potentialchanges in one program would affect another, or how legislative changes wouldimpact the cost and service level of particular programs.

Bull was responsible for overall project management and providing systemsintegration services for the system and designed and implemented the datawarehouse that forms the backbone for the system. MEDSTAT provided its leadingedge MEDSTAT Advantage Suite® decision support system which providesadvanced healthcare analytic methodologies and desktop reporting applications toimprove the value of the data for management decision making.

"We’re proud to be partners with the Department of Community Healthand MEDSTAT in implementing this solution," said Jack Ginsburg, vicepresident of Bull’s Public Sector Business Unit. "It’s another exampleof the State of Michigan taking the lead in utilizing technology to better serveits citizens."

Bull Information Systems has been a leading provider of public sectorinformation solutions for more than 35 years. Currently, the company is focusingon providing solutions, services and enabling technologies designed to helpimplement e-Government for citizen services. The company combines thesebest-of-breed technologies and services with strategic partnerships, strongsubject matter expertise, and a proven track record to deliver completestrategic solutions. World- wide, the public sector market accounts for about 45percent of 
Bull’s revenue.

The MEDSTAT Group (www.medstat.com) is a health information company that provides decision support systems, market intelligence, benchmark databases, and research for managing the purchase, administration, and delivery of health services and benefits. It serves more than 1,000 organizations including many of the nation’s leading employers, providers, pharmaceutical companies, government organizations, and health plans and insurance companies. Head-
quartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., MEDSTAT has a 20-year track record 
of delivering results for customers through innovative products, superior customer service, and outstandingpeople. MEDSTAT is 
part of The Thomson Corporation (www.thomson.com),a global 
e-information and solutions company in the business and professionalmarketplace with 2000 revenues of approximately US$6.0 billion. 
The company’s common sharesare listed on the Toronto and London stock exchanges (TSE:TOC).

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