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EMC Networked Storage Selected By Volvo Car Corporation For New Information Infrastructure

Market Leader Helps Volvo Car Corporation Migrate Business-Critical Information to New Storage Area Network; Chooses AutoIS for Simplification and Management

Hopkinton, Mass.- Wednesday, March 6, 2002

EMC Corporation announced today that Volvo Car Corporation has designed and is implementing a new information storage infrastructure using EMC networked storage systems and software. As part of a strategic initiative to better manage its competitive and financial information, the company will extract its business-critical data from The Volvo Group's existing infrastructure and migrate it to an EMC storage area network (SAN) for simplified management.

Following the acquisition of Volvo Car Corporation by Ford Motor Company, it became necessary for Volvo Car Corporation to separate its information from The Volvo Group and manage it independently. Volvo Car Corporation expects the SAN to grow significantly as the company consolidates applications globally. The simplification, automation and management efficiencies provided by EMC's AutoIS software will allow Volvo Car Corporation to scale as necessary.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo Car Corporation's networked storage infrastructure is based on 30 terabytes of EMC Symmetrix Enterprise Storage and EMC Connectrix Fibre-Channel switches. Until now, Volvo Car Corporation stored its information within The Volvo Group's infrastructure. Volvo Car Corporation chose to migrate its SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data to an EMC SAN to help solve strategic business issues, support financial applications and increase its competitive advantage.

The first phase of building Volvo Car Corporation's networked information infrastructure involves copying all the data from the SAP environment to EMC Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems. After the data has been copied and tested, Volvo Car Corporation's ERP information will be extracted from the copy and migrated to the company's new SAN.

Data migration and testing will be completed using several of EMC's industry-leading local and remote data replication products, including EMC's SRDF, Timefinder and ECC Replication Manager software, which work in concert to ensure fast, accurate data replication. Volvo Car Corporation will also implement a range of EMC's heterogeneous, automated management and reporting tools, including EMC Control Center/Open Edition (ECC/OE), ESN Manager and ECC StorageScope, to improve measurement, increase utilization and simplify automation of tasks as new applications are added and information storage needs increase.

Over the next year, Volvo Car Corporation will integrate new applications such as product development into its infrastructure, which will increase the complexity of the environment. EMC is providing Volvo Car Corporation with the confidence that, as its SAN grows, it will be able to effectively manage the additional information that will be generated.

"Even for a company that has built its business around safety, data migration and extraction is a complicated and risky prospect," said Frank Hauck, EMC's Executive Vice President of Customer Operations. "Volvo Car Corporation turned to EMC for its expertise in data migration, but also for its market-leading systems and software that will help Volvo Car Corporation manage its infrastructure down the road. As the information grows and the infrastructure becomes more complex, EMC will provide Volvo Car Corporation with the most reliable and available systems and software to help manage growth without compromising performance."

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