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EMC Announces Availability of Widesky Developers Suite, Expansion of Developers Program
New SRM Interface Brings Databases, File Systems and Volume Managers Under WideSky Umbrella

Hopkinton, Mass.- Wednesday, March 20, 2002

EMC Corporation, today announced availability of the new WideSky Developers Suite, which includes developers' interfaces to EMC's WideSky middleware. As part of the suite, available through the newly expanded EMC Developers Program, EMC announced immediate availability of the WideSky SRM (Storage Resource Management) interface that lets software providers incorporate a wide range of storage management functions into their products.

With more than 100 members, including most of the world's largest software companies, the EMC Developers Program (formerly the EMC E-Infostructure Developers Program) is the storage industry's largest open software initiative. The program gives members access to a broad portfolio of development tools, interfaces and supporting resources for EMC's WideSky middleware, EMC's platform application programming interfaces (APIs) and other EMC programming interfaces.

WideSky, introduced in October 2001, will expand the capabilities of these interfaces to include a wide variety of heterogeneous storage, storage resource and network systems. These new capabilities provide software vendors and other developers with a consistent mechanism for accessing or managing various elements of a networked storage environment. Companies supporting the WideSky initiative include: BMC Software, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., Citrix Systems, CommVault Systems, Computer Associates, Legato Systems, McDATA Corp., Microsoft, Novell, Oracle Corp., Precise Software Solutions, QLogic Corp., Quest Software, SAP, SAS and Sybase, Inc.

"Oracle is continuing to enhance the data management capabilities of Oracle9i Database by building on the integration work-to-date with EMC's WideSky storage management middleware. In collaboration with EMC, we're enabling our customers to more effectively manage, monitor, optimize and protect their data and information storage resources," said Juan Jones, Vice President, System Platforms Division at Oracle Corp. "Oracle's use of WideSky APIs further advances the successful product integration activities that EMC and Oracle have engaged in for the last five years."

Bob Muglia, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Storage Division at Microsoft, said, "Microsoft and EMC have a strong relationship based on innovation and technical collaboration that has benefited our enterprise customers. We support EMC's direction with WideSky as a way of extending that collaboration to further help customers manage the various elements of their storage networking infrastructure."


The WideSky SRM API provides a common interface that characterizes and maps host application elements all the way through to the logical and physical storage devices for the six leading databases, eleven leading file systems and eight leading logical volume managers. Support is included for:

Databases: IBM DB2/UDB, IBM OS/390 DB2, IBM Informix Dynamic Server (IDS), Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase ASE.
File systems: Compaq Tru64 UFS and AdvFS, HP-UX HFS and JFS, IBM AIX JFS and JFS2, IBM OS/390 Datasets, Linux ext2, Microsoft Windows NTFS, Sun Solaris UFS, Veritas VxFS (HP-UX and Solaris).
Volume Managers: Compaq Tru64 LSM, HP-UX LVM, IBM AIX LVM, Microsoft Disk Administrator for NT, Microsoft LDM/LDMPro for Windows 2000, IBM/Sequent ptx SVM, Sun Solstice Disk Suite, Veritas VxVM (Solaris and HP-UX).

Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst at The Enterprise Storage Group, added, "End-user customers are looking for a common way to manage their diverse storage requirements. The WideSky storage middleware provides a standard interface that helps them, through their preferred management application, to corral all of the elements of their heterogeneous storage environment. In the end, EMC and its partners are masking the complexity of these environments to help customers get the most out of their investment."

Don Swatik, EMC's Vice President of Alliances and Information Sciences, said, "In the diverse 'United Nations' of storage networking, WideSky is the translation service that ISVs will use to easily speak to and understand all the various 'languages.' Doing so will address an overriding customer need, which is to centrally manage all of their diverse information resources and elements. We are seeing tremendous interest by the major IT vendors who realize WideSky functions brings incremental value to their solution and allows them to meet this key customer requirement of centralized management."

Resources for Developers

Additional information about the EMC Developers Program and WideSky Developers' Suite can be found at: www.emc.com/partnersalliances/developers.

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