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ESI Announces Enhanced Decision Guiding Software

Herzliya, Israel, March 7, 2002. ESI – Expert Solutions International
( today announced an enhanced version of Logist, a
software that collects and applies the enterprise business logic from
various sources, such as knowledge and experience that reside in employees’
minds, organization’s procedures and documented policies. Logist is a
business rules software that displays the business logic as rules written in
natural human language. These business rules are used for automated
decision-making and guidance.

The new version of Logist - version 4.0 - enables corporate executives and
employees to share their experience, knowledge and ideas through a special
knowledge chat room within Logist system. A unique new component enables
authorized users to express their own knowledge by just writing it down in
their own words, using an easy interface. This results in an immediate
update of corporate knowledge base while work is not interrupted.

 “Logist  provides users with much better decision-making capability, based
on the cumulative knowledge obtained from the organizational experience, and
on time-to-market requirements and pressures,” said Hemy Fintsy, Vice
President, Marketing and Sales, ESI.

Knowledge base enhancements are created by business users, in their own
language, without the intervention of information technology professionals.
Logist automatically understands the human language, and the new or updated
rules are immediately put into action. Thousands of policies and procedures
can be quickly and easily loaded into Logist, including “historical”
procedures and policies that are hidden inside corporate or departmental
software applications.

Typical Logist applications include billing verification; fraud management;
cross-selling; credit scoring and approval; explaining tax, premium and
other payment calculations following citizen/customer questions; procurement
management; inventory planning; database enhancement and others.

About ESI
ESI - Expert Solutions International is a provider of knowledge-based
business optimization and workforce management products. The company's
products increase knowledge assets utilization, improve decision-making
processes, and optimize service levels. ESI, headquartered in Herzliya,
Israel, is an affiliated company of Formula Vision Technologies (TASE: FVT),
a spin-off from Formula Systems (NASDAQ: FORTY) and a member of the Formula
Group. Formula Vision is a managing holding company for Israeli based
emerging companies that develop and promote proprietary IT solutions to
international markets. The Formula Group is Israel's largest software group,
operating in more than 50 countries worldwide..

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