InfoImage Releases InfoImage Portal 5.0 Family of Products

First vendor to offer three editions of portal software to meet customer functionality and pricing needs; Also Includes Active Directory Support, Expanded Search Options, Single Sign-On, Enhanced Installation and Management Features

Phoenix – March 19, 2002 – InfoImage today released the fifth generation of its enterprise portal software. The InfoImage Portal 5.0 platform provides a personalized Web-based interface for an organization’s employees, business partners and customers to locate relevant information, access corporate applications, collaborate with other users and perform other business activities they need to do to get their work done.

InfoImage Portal 5.0 is a family of flexible portal products designed to meet the needs of organizations of varied sizes. InfoImage is the first vendor in the portal industry to announce and deliver on this type of portal product strategy.

“As we continue to evolve our portal platform, we listened to our customers and the marketplace to create a family of products based on the fact that one portal product doesn’t meet the needs of every organization,” said Tom Niccoli, president and chief operating officer of InfoImage. “With InfoImage Portal 5.0, we offer advanced portal features at prices far more competitive than other portal vendors, while providing an upgrade path to meet customer needs in the future.”

"InfoImage's new portal software release continues to break down the barriers to action that technology boundaries have erected between business users and the information they need," said Hadley Reynolds, Research Director at The Delphi Group. "InfoImage's portal framework provides an advanced level of integration of objects and services at the business desktop that helps business people discover new ways to leverage the value of enterprise software investments."

Product Available in Three Editions

InfoImage Portal 5.0 Express Edition is designed for small to mid-sized organizations, government agencies and Fortune 1000 departments needing to implement a portal in just three to four weeks and with a minimal financial investment. Priced well below other vendor’s “pilot programs,” Express Edition is a complete implementation capable of supporting both intranet and extranet portal sites for several thousand users. It includes dozens of out-of the box portal objects for corporate and Internet content, plus features such as collaboration around documents and discussion and federated search of corporate file stores.

For organizations with more complex functionality needs and abundant amounts of corporate information, back-end systems and applications, Advanced Edition is a single access point for advanced search and integration of both information and applications. Utilizing InfoImage’s Relevance Engine Services, the portal helps users locate the information they need by navigating through a hierarchical menu of familiar concepts rather than entering obscure keywords or search strings. InfoImage Portal 5.0 Advanced Edition also includes development tools for rapidly building portal objects and applications that meet industry standards for Web content and services.

The flagship of the InfoImage Portal 5.0 platform, Enterprise Edition is for large, distributed enterprises that need to cost-effectively deploy and manage a network of interconnected portals for intranet, extranet and Internet initiatives without sacrificing performance or features. Enterprise Edition allows for central development and deployment of multiple portal sites, delegated and Web-based administration, as well as benchmarked scalability to support over three million users through the patent-pending InfoImage Federated Portal Architecture™.

Customers Validate New Release

Redleg Technologies and Six Sigma Academy deployed a beta version of InfoImage Portal 5.0 Enterprise Edition for their ESSENTEQ™ portal solution. ESSENTEQ leverages the InfoImage portal platform to deliver a complete six sigma and business excellence solution that helps their Fortune 500 customers accelerate the bottom-line impact of six sigma initiatives.

"InfoImage Portal 5.0 continues to build on a solid framework, delivering scalability to our global customer base, rapid deployment through the installation process, as well as an open development environment which lets us provide significant business benefits to our customers," said Rory Buske, Senior Partner at Redleg Technologies. "The InfoImage platform's use of XML, complete API set, and well developed architecture gives us the power we need to deliver technology solutions that meet the high demands of our global customers."

Buske expects that the portal will be deployed to 20,000 users within the next year.

New Version Includes Active Directory Support, Expanded Federated Search Options, Single Sign On, Enhanced Installation and Management Wizards

All editions of InfoImage Portal 5.0 include new and enhanced features to make installing, administering and using the portal more efficient, powerful and productive.

Microsoft Active Directory is now the default authentication directory for intranet and portal users. For those organizations that choose not to use Active Directory, InfoImage Portal 5.0 is also compatible with Microsoft Site Server to authenticate extranet users, and Windows NT authentication can also be used for intranet users. Support for Active Directory, Site Server and Windows NT user authentication makes InfoImage Portal 5.0 easier to install and manage in a variety of customer environments.

InfoImage Portal 5.0 ships with InfoImage Portal Query Search, and also supports three other search engines: Microsoft SharePoint Portal Search, Microsoft Site Server Search and Verity K2 Search. InfoImage Portal Query Search powers both keyword search and relevance engine search in the standard and advanced editions. Microsoft SharePoint Portal Search and Verity K2 Search can also be used as third-party keyword search services in Advanced Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Single sign-on provides added convenience and security for both portal administrators and users, allowing access to portal objects, applications and files located on non-portal servers without being prompted for additional user names or passwords. InfoImage Portal 5.0 stores encrypted authentication information and then passes it to portal objects configured to use the single sign-on component, automatically authenticating the user for that data source or application.

Enhanced installation wizards and administration tools are also part of InfoImage Portal 5.0. Installation wizards automate configuration of intranet and extranet portal sites, while new user management wizards automate the process of creating new users, templates, classes and attributes. For organizations with a federated network of portal servers, new wizards also import and export portal layouts, portal objects, knowledge maps, and user roles from site to site.

Pricing and Availability

All three editions of InfoImage Portal 5.0 are available now. Pricing for 1000 users starts at $50 per user for Express Edition. Please contact InfoImage for pricing details on Advanced and Enterprise Editions.

About InfoImage, Inc.

Recently named one of the top 100 companies that matter most in knowledge management, InfoImage is the first portal vendor to recognize that different organizations have different needs based on their sizes, budgets and functionality requirements. The InfoImage Portal 5.0 family of products provides personalized Web-based portals that help employees, customers and partners locate relevant information, access corporate applications, collaborate with other users and perform the other business activities they need to do to get their work done. InfoImage’s blue chip customers include Cooper Tires, Frank Russell, Kraft Foods, Mitsubishi Fuso, Owens Corning, Skyy Spirits and Snelling & Snelling. Founded in 1992, InfoImage is a privately held company funded by Microsoft, Tudor Ventures, Boston Millennia Partners, Geocapital Partners, meVC and other private investors. Additional information is available online at

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