IntelliWhere Targets the Mobile Workforce at GITA 2002

Location-based solutions deliver data when and where it’s needed

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 14, 2002 - IntelliWhereTM, a division of Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions, is bringing its location-enabling technology innovations to the GITA 2002 conference, March 17-20 in Tampa, Fla. Located in the Mobile Pavilion (booth 1018), IntelliWhere is targeting organizations employing mobile workforces in government and utilities with IntelliWhere OnDemand, a new vector-based mapping software product for personal digital assistants (PDAs), and IntelliWhere LocationServer, a scalable server platform for location-based services (LBS) deployment built on GeoMedia® technology.

Lee Finniear, managing director of IntelliWhere, comments, “Organizations face unique challenges for managing and communicating data and improving operational efficiencies between the field workforce and the corporate office. IntelliWhere addresses these challenges with products such as IntelliWhere OnDemand, enabling smart decisions in the field and providing the ability to update and return data to corporate systems. GITA conference attendees should consider IntelliWhere OnDemand a ‘must-see’ product for enhancing mobile workforce performance and maximizing an organization’s GIS resources.”

Public works solutions on display
Complementing IntelliWhere OnDemand, Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions is demonstrating their public works asset management solutions to GITA attendees with special emphasis on GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager, an industry product that provides tools for spatial modeling, management, and analysis of water and wastewater systems for public works professionals. Built on top of GeoMedia Professional, GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager includes data capture, placement, and editing tools for populating industry-standard databases. Working together, IntelliWhere OnDemand and GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager expand enterprise capabilities to the field and address the demanding day-to-day challenges of public works departments and water and wastewater authorities.

OGC interoperability demonstration
Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions is also participating in the Open GIS Consortium (OGC) interoperability demonstration at GITA. Several vendors will demonstrate the advantages of the open, interoperable Web interfacing standards currently being defined by the OGC. These standards will lay the groundwork for sharing information between various organizations in government and utilities to improve communication and data sharing anytime, anywhere.

The Intergraph demonstration will connect to and display data from OGC Web Map Servers around the world, including some sites built with GeoMedia WebMap. Additionally, GITA attendees can see first-hand how GeoMedia can be used as a desktop, thick-client of the OGC Web Map Server (WMS) and Web Feature Server (WFS) specifications. Both of these capabilities show the open architecture and interoperability of GeoMedia technology.

Sharing data from the office to the field and back
IntelliWhere OnDemand is the critical link between the field and a corporate geographic information system (GIS), providing access to data such as intelligent maps, diagrams, and asset information where and when it is needed. Because IntelliWhere OnDemand supports multiple data formats and open industry standards, data can be captured on hand-held devices and updated from the field without the significant investment of time and cost associated with data translation. IntelliWhere OnDemand features an intuitive interface. And the ability to work in an occasionally connected mode allows field workers to extract data from the GIS, view and work in disconnected mode, and then synchronize updates back to the corporate system using a cradle or wireless connection.

In the office, GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager provides the tools for building, maintaining, and validating connected networks using advanced feature modeling and rules-based digitizing. These intelligent tools help organizations better manage their infrastructure, making critical data available to the field when needed.

For example, a local water authority can use GeoMedia PublicWorks Manager to access spatial data in existing databases and build an accurate map of the system. IntelliWhere OnDemand lets a field worker place select data from the corporate system on a PDA and take it into the field. After the worker has finished making changes or additions, the data goes back to the office and is uploaded and synchronized with the corporate system.

GITA attendees who need a wireless connection can look to IntelliWhere LocationServer, the server-side platform at the core of the IntelliWhere software suite. IntelliWhere LocationServer provides companies with the capability to deliver and receive intelligent information specific to a particular location. Using the scenario above, data can be sent from the office to the PDA and back wirelessly for faster decision making in real time.


IntelliWhere is a division of Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions. IntelliWhere's focus is on the rapidly growing location-based technology and services market. The division combines more than 30 years of experience in spatial and location-based technologies with a global infrastructure that supports the ability to implement solutions around the world. IntelliWhere is represented in more than 60 countries through Intergraph Corporation's wholly owned subsidiaries and distributor network.


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