Meetingworks Announces Release of Meetingworks Connect 6.1

      SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 9, 2002--

      New version is more intuitive, streamlining the process of holding an electronic meeting via the
  Internet and reducing company travel and
      meeting related costs

      Meetingworks today announced the availability of Meetingworks Connect Version 6.1, the latest
  release of its industry-leading collaboration product.
      Meetingworks(R) Connect Version 6.1 streamlines the process of holding a meeting, whether
  participants are in the same room or working from a remote office. "Meetingworks Connect typically
  reduces meeting time by 50%. Because of new design enhancements, version 6.1 offers the best
  meeting and decision making tool yet. We have upgraded the brainstorming tools to better provide the
  collaboration needed in a meeting and new language support makes holding global meetings via the
  Internet even more attainable," said Neil Lamka, president of Meetingworks.

      Meetingworks Connect Version 6.1 offers many new features,

      -- Support for significantly increased text capacity, so that processes requiring long input can be

      -- Automation tools that make setting up and running an electronic meeting significantly easier

      -- Upgrades to the brainstorming tools that allow participants to edit and comment on items, and the
  capability to track authors by individual or group

      -- Language support in participant tools and help files (Spanish, German, Dutch and French--in
  addition to English), making international on-line meetings much easier for all participants

      After releasing Version 6.0 in April, 2002, Meetingworks surveyed key customers for their most
  desired enhancements. Release 6.1 reflects this direct customer feedback and more. Here are some
  quotes from customers:

      "It has been an absolute delight to work with a company that not only asks for your input, but uses it!
  In my twelve years of working with collaborative meeting tools, Meetingworks is far and away number
  one with the most comprehensive support, on-going product enhancements, product stability and overall
  function/value for the price!"

      -- Rebecca Kraus, President, Transitions Consulting Group LLC.

      "Support for individual participants with the interface and help files in French means that we can truly
  provide bilingual meeting services and increase the comfort level of all participants".

      -- Ann Burns, Decision Support System Manager at the Department of National Defence (Canada)

      "I have been a customer of Meetingworks since the very beginning when I started my firm nearly 10
  years ago. I am extremely impressed not just with the product but also with the excellent service and
  support I receive. Building my solutions around Meetingworks Connect has given me the edge I need to
  be successful in a highly competitive market."

      -- John Ruehle, President of Ruehle & Associates

      About Meetingworks

      Meetingworks, founded in 1990, provides products and services that are widely used for electronic
  meetings, meeting facilitation, group decision support and collaboration by customers such as The
  Weyerhaeuser Company, and Premier, Inc. In addition to use in-house, Meetingworks products are
  easily used by third-party providers of consulting and facilitation services. The family of products
  includes: Meetingworks for Windows, Meetingworks Connect and MeetingKit(R) for Windows. For
  more information on Meetingworks or to download a free 8-participant LAN version of the basic
  Meetingworks product, please visit our company web site at


         CONTACT:  Meetingworks
                   Neil Lamka, President, 206/467-1234