MicroStrategy's New Web Services Development Kit Earning Praise

Facilitating and Speeding Intranet and Extranet Application Integration and Deployment

    MCLEAN, Va., Oct. 7, 2002 -- MicroStrategy(R)
Incorporated (Nasdaq: MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of business
intelligence software, today reported that its recently released Web Services
Development Kit is earning praise from MicroStrategy partners and enabling
them to provide enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities to their
customers.  Available through its business intelligence platform MicroStrategy
7i(TM), the Web Services Development Kit allows systems integrators to help
organizations quickly build, integrate and deploy analytical applications to
corporate intranets and extranets using the Web services framework.
    "Web services play a significant role in fully optimizing the application
of business intelligence software," said Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy's Vice
Chairman and COO.  "MicroStrategy's Web Services Development Kit allows
companies to incorporate MicroStrategy 7i's sophisticated reporting and
analysis functionality directly into their corporate portals, extranets, and
operational applications.  With the Web Services Development Kit,
MicroStrategy 7i business intelligence applications deliver data integrity
enterprise-wide because they can feed, in real-time, the correct data,
calculations and analytics to a company's operational applications."
    "With MicroStrategy's Web Services Development Kit, we can now very
quickly and easily meet customer demands by providing them with the
sophisticated analytical strength of business intelligence applications as Web
services," said John Parker, chief technology officer at Anexinet.
"MicroStrategy 7i's reliability and performance ensure that our business
intelligence applications allow our customers to make business decisions based
on the latest, most accurate data."
    The new Web Services Development Kit opens up all the business
intelligence functionality, ranging from basic performance reporting to
statistical analysis, available in the MicroStrategy 7i Business Intelligence
Platform(TM) as Web services.  MicroStrategy 7i's pure XML-based architecture
requires no 'adapters,' as does Cognos, or 'bolt-on' code, as does Business
Objects, to translate data into XML for use with any Web services-compatible
    "The point of Web services for business intelligence (BI) is to integrate
reporting, query, and analysis functions into almost any kind of application,
portal, or extranet, both inside and outside an enterprise," said Philip
Russom, research director at Giga Information Group, Inc.  In a recent Giga
report, Building Web Services for Business Intelligence, July 2002, Russom
notes that "BI Web services show promise and could well be a commonly applied
enabling technology (especially with Business-to-Business BI) within the next
two years  ... (and) it makes sense for CIOs to foster education via
exploratory projects with BI Web services."
    Nithi Vivatrat, managing director at Claraview states: "MicroStrategy now
delivers the power of its business intelligence platform through Web services,
making it easier for organizations to provide end users with the information
and reporting functionality they need."  He added, "MicroStrategy's Web
Services Development Kit will allow our customers to easily and effectively
share information within and beyond their organizations and make more informed
business decisions."

    About MicroStrategy Incorporated
    Leadership in a Critical Market: Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy is a
worldwide leader in the increasingly critical business intelligence software
market.  Large and small companies alike are harnessing MicroStrategy's
business intelligence software to gain vital insights from their data to help
them proactively enhance cost-efficiency, productivity and customer relations
and optimize revenue-generating strategies.  MicroStrategy's business
intelligence platform offers exceptional capabilities that provide
organizations -- in virtually all facets of their operations -- with user-
friendly solutions to their data query, reporting, and advanced analytical
needs, and distributes valuable insight on this data to users via Web,
wireless, and voice.  PC Magazine selected MicroStrategy 7(TM) as the 2001
"Editors' Choice" for business intelligence software.
    Enterprise-Class Business Intelligence: MicroStrategy 7i(TM) is a truly
integrated, enterprise-class, Web-based business intelligence platform. With
MicroStrategy 7i, enterprises can now standardize on one business intelligence
platform and deploy high-value business intelligence enterprise-wide.
MicroStrategy 7i's configurable query, reporting, and OLAP Web interface is
designed to support all users, from casual report viewers to power analysts.
    Diverse Customer Base: MicroStrategy's customer base cuts across industry
and sector lines, with over 1,700 enterprise-class customers, including Lowe's
Home Improvement Warehouse, AT&T Wireless Group, Wachovia and GlaxoSmithKline.
MicroStrategy also has relationships with over 400 systems integrators and
application development and platform partners, including IBM, PeopleSoft,
Hewlett-Packard, and JD Edwards.
    MicroStrategy is listed on Nasdaq under the symbol MSTR.  For more
information on the company, or to purchase or demo MicroStrategy's software,
please visit MicroStrategy's Web site at http://www.microstrategy.com .
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