Plumtree Offers Migration Program for Epicentric Customers Concerned About Vignette Acquisition

Epicentric Customers Can Avoid Hosting Content or Applications on Vignette Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2002 -- Enterprise Web technology leader Plumtree Software (Nasdaq: PLUM) today announced a new promotion for current Epicentric customers concerned about Vignette's acquisition of Epicentric. The promotion offers Epicentric customers a 90-day pilot of Plumtree's entire Enterprise Web solution, including the Plumtree Corporate Portal, Plumtree Collaboration Server, Plumtree Search Server, Plumtree Studio Server and the upcoming Plumtree Content Server. The offer, which allows customers to apply the pilot price against a perpetual license of any Plumtree product, includes migration services, and expires on December 31, 2002. Epicentric customers interested in enrolling in the program can learn more, and review the terms and conditions of the offer at, or by writing

"As the only major independent portal software company, Plumtree Software is uniquely positioned to build on customers' investments in a wide range of content management systems," said Plumtree VP of Field Operations Jim Flatley. "Epicentric customers who want to avoid the prospect of hosting portal content and services on the Vignette platform have an open alternative in Plumtree, based on industry-standard application servers."

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Plumtree Software is the Enterprise Web technology leader. Plumtree's mission is to create a comprehensive Web environment for employees, customers and partners across the enterprise to interact with different systems and work together. Plumtree's Enterprise Web solution consists of integration products for bringing resources from traditional systems together on the Web, foundation services such as collaboration, content management and search for building new Web applications, and a portal platform for delivering these Web applications to broad audiences. Plumtree's independence and its Web Services Architecture allow this solution to span rival platforms and systems, maximizing customers' return on their existing investments. With offices in more than a dozen countries, Plumtree has over 400 customers, including Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Procter & Gamble and the U.S. Navy.

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