Connecticut's Department of Children & Families Implements Softscape's Web-Based Juvenile Case Management Information System

The First Statewide Tool to Automate Intake through Discharge in a New Training School

MIDDLETOWN, Conn., Oct. 23, 2002 -- The Connecticut Department of Children & Families (DCF) today announced the launch of CONDOIT (Connecticut's Delinquency Operations Information Technology) through a partnership with Softscape, a leading provider of enterprise talent and resource management solutions. Softscape developed CONDOIT, the first information system in the state to support the intake, assessment, case planning, monitoring, client supervision and outcome processes of juvenile, by automating case management for increased efficiency and security. The new system is expected to improve communication, participant tracking, and information accessibility across the DCF. In Fiscal year 2001-02, the Connecticut Juvenile Training School and Long Lane School served 547 juveniles, while the Parole division served 973.

Working Together

As the result of interagency teamwork between DCF and the state of Connecticut's Court Support Services Division, and together with Softscape, CONDOIT was built to improve the services the Connecticut Juvenile Training School provides its clients through interdepartmental information sharing. All clients served by the Connecticut Juvenile Training School, the Long Lane School, and the DCF Parole are processed through the Court Support Services Division /Juvenile Court as committed delinquents. Through the implementation of this project, data exchange between the different divisions will be easily facilitated, resulting in heightened communication and faster case resolution.

"The Department's recent shift in placing our juvenile justice programs within the Bureau of Behavioral Health, Medicine and Education requires accurate and timely information regarding a youth's individual needs to ensure a more therapeutic and rehabilitative model for treating youth," said Kristine Ragaglia, J.D., Commissioner of DCF. "CONDOIT will enable us to gain a fuller understanding of a youth's entire background from his/her first entry into Connecticut's Juvenile Justice system through adulthood, exhibiting the scope and capability this type of project can have. This will ensure that we have the best knowledge possible so we can treat each youth in an individual, integrated and effective way."

Staff Reception

This technology is new to DCF and staff enthusiasm following training is high. Many have commented CONDOIT makes them believe they "Can do it." CONDOIT will support and improve DCF's capability to meet statutory mandates and federal reporting standards, plus increase productivity and decrease duplication of effort by agency administration. It will improve efficiencies of more than 480 personnel that utilize the system, empowering the staff to more effectively support agency mission and goals.

"We are pleased to partner with DCF in leveraging the web and our secure system to provide more efficient case management services, allowing for better care of juveniles in the system, " said Dave Watkins, co-founder of Softscape. "Our online repository system, where information about a juvenile can easily be tracked, shared and updated will allow for better case management, faster case resolution and hopefully, reduced recidivism."

System Features

CONDOIT incorporates and seamlessly integrates advanced technologies to support case organization and management. The system supports Internet and Intranet access, E-Mail, facsimile transmission, as well as data collection and retrieval, which serve to quickly and effectively document and disperse youth development and program outcome records across the organization. Other notable features of the system include online reporting, photo identification, calendaring, direct messaging, and multi-lingual templates.

In contrast to the LINK system previously in place, CONDOIT supports Risk and Health information management through a user-friendly interface intuitive to Internet users. Extensive security features ensure the confidentiality of all system data. Education profiling and Assessment evaluation components store juvenile experience records and generate accurate reporting and case plan recommendations on a case-by-case basis. In turn, DCF will have the capability to leverage their resources more effectively to more easily support agency mission and goals.

About DCF

Connecticut's Department of Children and Families (DCF) is a comprehensive, consolidated agency serving children (under age 18) and families. DCF's mandate includes child protective and family services, juvenile justice services, mental health services, substance abuse related services, prevention, and educational services.

About Softscape

Softscape, Inc. provides case management and human capital management software and services to government agencies and Fortune 1000 enterprises. With over one million global users in 26 countries, Softscape develops and deploys web-based applications to Human Service Agencies, and the Judicial and Corrections systems, working with such clients as the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services, the Massachusetts Children's Trust Fund, and the State of Connecticut Online Welfare-to-Work & WIA system. A software development and technical consulting company, Softscape's web-based tools are designed for case and workforce management to improve regulatory compliance, shorten time-to-proficiency and ensure the alignment of human capital assets across the organization.


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