Spotfire captures analytic decisions with DecisionSitetm Posters

New Spotfire DecisionSite Posters extends value of Guided Analytictm applications

October 7, 2002, GARTNER SYMPOSIUM/ITxpo - Spotfire® Inc. today announced DecisionSitetm Posters, the first software to capture decisions in an interactive snapshot of analytical results and domain expertise that can be published and shared. Posters extends the value of Spotfire's Guided Analytictm applications to a broad network of interconnected decision-makers.

"Our goal at Infinity is to provide our scientists with the right information at the right time so they can make the best possible decisions based on timely and accurate information. DecisionSite Posters will allow our research teams to rapidly analyze and share large data sets regardless of the physical location of the scientists on the team," said Andy Palmer, chief information officer at Infinity Pharmaceuticals, which uses Spotfire DecisionSite in the hunt for new pharmaceuticals. "Posters can enable large groups of scientists within Infinity's organization as well as scientists at our collaborators to work efficiently and effectively to make better decisions with little or no direct involvement from IT."

DecisionSite Posters communicates the analyses produced from DecisionSite, Spotfire's flagship Guided Analytic application, to either ad hoc or organized networks of cross functional professionals engaged in the decision-making process. DecisionSite Posters stores the decision in a searchable library creating a repository of Decision, the intellectual property that becomes an asset for future analysis and improved business planning.

Posting Decision I.P.

In today's workplace, final decisions are seldom made in isolation. DecisionSite Posters creates an interactive snapshot, or "Poster," containing the key data and analytical steps individuals undertake in order to get to the core of a problem or opportunity. DecisionSite Posters uses standard e-mail to send Posters to analytic team members - individual users, project teams, external partners or customers.

Posters include analytic answers and links to content managed in the DecisionSite Poster Library. The Poster itself allows any user with a Web browser to click through a series of links to recreate the steps of the original analytical process, even without a copy of DecisionSite running on their computer. The overall effect is to integrate all of the key people involved in any data-intensive business decision, and create a shared library of Decision I.P. from which users can recall and reuse decisions and decision processes within and across their organizations.

"Decision-making in today's enterprises is often a scattershot, closed process dominated by a limited number of domain experts working in isolation," said Gartner vice president Howard Dresner. "This creates an opportunity for those software suppliers offering to bridge the gap between an individual's decision and team consensus."

DecisionSite Posters consists of the DecisionSite Poster Tool, Annotation Board, DecisionSite Clipping, Poster Library and the Poster dynamic publishing application and a 100 percent Web services-based architecture.

"DecisionSite Posters builds on our vision of an enterprise-class decision-making environment that easily configures analytics to any data source, that captures the customer's analysis process, and now captures the decisions themselves," said David P. Butler, Spotfire's vice president of product strategy and corporate marketing. "Posters is the first product to actually enable an analytic decision to be captured and managed as a company asset."

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