Stratify Premieres Next Generation Unstructured Data Management Platform

First End-to-End Solution To Harness Vast Amounts of Unstructured Information and Enable New Generations of Applications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 29, 2002 -- Stratify, Inc., the emerging leader in unstructured data management, today announced the next generation of the Stratify Discovery System. The Stratify Discovery System v2.0 is the only complete software platform for unstructured information that enhances existing enterprise applications and allows the creation of new generations of decision-making and insight-producing applications.

The new release of the Stratify Discovery System includes significant new features that focus on automatically building, refining and optimizing taxonomies, consistently classifying documents with the highest degree of accuracy, and seamlessly leveraging information contained in the taxonomy. In addition, the Stratify Discovery System v2.0 features a unique component, called the Stratify Taxonomy Manager, which provides an integrated, unified interface for Total Taxonomy Lifecycle Management. (See today's related announcement, “Stratify Introduces Industry's First Solution For Total Taxonomy Lifecycle Management.”)

“Dialog depends on the parallel, multiple classifier architecture of the Stratify Discovery System for accurate, consistent real-time categorization of terabytes of unstructured information,” said Rick King, CTO and executive vice president of Dialog, which is deploying the Discovery System to organize and provide access to data covering over 1,700 topics from a library of over 2500 media sources on its NewsEdge service. “The automation tools that Stratify now provides to refine and optimize taxonomies are critical to increasing our efficiency. We also are taking advantage of the new collaborative workflow provided by the Taxonomy Manager interface to enable multiple editors in various locations to work in parallel on different aspects of the taxonomy without impacting our production environment.”

Next Generation Stratify Discovery System
The new release of the Stratify Discovery System combines superior technology, in-depth analytics and human oversight to create a taxonomy of topics relevant to an enterprise, classify internal and external information into this taxonomy, and leverage this information for business intelligence applications. The Discovery System supports Western European languages as well as Arabic.

Build Taxonomies Automatically
The Stratify Discovery System automates the process of organizing unstructured information by using the structure implicit in documents to construct an easy-to-navigate taxonomy customized for a business. For companies that use custom, industry standard or third party taxonomies, or organize their information using a file server or webserver, the system can directly import that existing work and automatically extend it. To reflect rapidly changing business conditions, the Stratify Discovery System introduces unique capabilities to automatically refine and optimize taxonomies and classification models, so users can continuously leverage their business-critical information as efficiently as possible.

Classify Documents Accurately
The Stratify Discovery System uses multiple classification technologies that operate in parallel to classify documents more accurately than systems that depend on a single classification technology. Stratify's patent-pending technology compares and combines the results from each classifier to produce the best possible classifications. The new Boolean classifier, in addition to Stratify's statistical, keyword, and source classifiers, is built on the Discovery System's extensible architecture and enables companies to leverage pre-existing Boolean rules or create new rules. The real-time classification capabilities of the Stratify Discovery Server can enhance publishing workflow by providing accurate document classifications, or help discover related critical information in new business intelligence applications.

Leverage Unstructured Information Easily
Stratify taxonomies are intuitive to navigate and efficiently locate important information, and can also be leveraged in a wide range of enterprise applications. Stratify taxonomies enhance search applications by organizing search results and related documents by topics, and enterprise portal and content management environments, by consistently classifying or tagging documents so users can always locate critical information.

Enterprise-ready Taxonomy and Categorization Platform
The new release of the Stratify Discovery System directly addresses taxonomy lifecycle, security and integration issues that are critical for enterprise implementations.

Total Taxonomy Lifecycle Management
The Stratify Taxonomy Manager provides a single interface that unifies all taxonomy and classification management tasks. Simplifying the workflow across the taxonomy lifecycle, the Taxonomy Manager enables users throughout an enterprise to easily collaborate on all taxonomy lifecycle tasks, including the ability to (1) Create Taxonomies (2) Define Classification Models (3) Test & Assess Classification Models (4) Refine and Optimize Taxonomies and Classification Models and (5) Publish Taxonomies and Classify Documents. At every step of the lifecycle the Taxonomy Manager combines automated technology, advanced analytics and human oversight to ensure taxonomy relevance and classification accuracy.

Secures Taxonomies and Meta-data
The Stratify Discovery System allows users to lock individual topics, subtrees and taxonomy versions within the Taxonomy Manager interface to protect their work in progress. In addition, the system secures all communication and transactions between various Discovery System components, both internal and external, preventing unauthorized access to business critical information. The system can authenticate users through NT domain controllers or industry standard LDAP servers.

Integrates Easily
The Stratify Discovery System is designed to integrate easily with a variety of IT environments. Its Web services, WebDAV and Java APIs enable easy integration with enterprise applications, while its suite of out-of-the-box application adapters and content connectors enables deployments with portals, content management systems, and search engines.

Stratify Discovery System Features
Features of the Stratify Discovery System v2.0 include:

Taxonomy Building

  • Builds a customized taxonomy automatically from corporate documents, producing a single consistent view of information important to a business
  • Refines and optimizes taxonomies and training sets automatically, ensuring that taxonomies and classification models stay relevant and accurate
  • Imports industry-standard or customized taxonomies in XML, or directly from an organized file system or Web site

Classification Architecture

  • Provides a parallel classification architecture that uses multiple classifiers to provide the most accurate classification of documents
  • Provides Boolean classifier in addition to statistical, keyword and source classifiers, enabling the Discovery System to import existing taxonomies with predefined rules
  • Automatically collects and classifies corporate documents and external information in more than 200 formats from file servers, the Internet, intranet sites, Lotus Notes, FileNET, Open Text, Documentum, and Microsoft Exchange

Interfaces and Application Integration

  • Provides browser and Windows-based interfaces that enable users to intuitively navigate taxonomies, and access search results organized into topics
  • Retrieves information proactively by suggesting topics and documents related to content that a user is browsing or currently working on
  • Incorporate advanced personalization features that learn users' interests automatically and provide them with matching documents
  • Designed with an open, flexible architecture and robust Java, Web services and WebDAV APIs for simple, streamlined integration with existing applications and IT computing environments

Security and Scalability

  • Enables collaborative workflow with topic-level security
  • Provides Windows NT or LDAP-based user authentication
  • Provides secure intra- and inter-process communication using HTTPS, as well as PKI client certificate support

The new Stratify Discovery System v2.0 is available immediately.

Stratify, Inc. – Discover More™
Stratify is the emerging leader in unstructured data management software. The Stratify Discovery System is a complete enterprise software platform that helps companies harness today's vast amount of corporate information by automating the process of organizing, classifying and leveraging the business-critical, unstructured information that is usually found in documents, presentations and Web pages. By structuring previously difficult-to-organize information, Stratify software technology increases the value of existing corporate applications such as enterprise search engines, news aggregation services, customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation tools (SFA), content management software, document management systems and corporate portals.

Stratify software solutions provide information firepower for many types of industries, including biotechnology, financial services, government and professional services.

Founded in September 1999, Stratify is a privately held company that has received funding from Mobius Venture Capital (formerly Softbank Venture Capital), Intel Capital, H&Q Asia Pacific/At India, In-Q-Tel and Skyblaze Ventures LLC. Named as one of The Red Herring 100 for 2001, Stratify is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information about Stratify, please visit


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