Decisioneering Attacks Corporate Market with New Services Leader

Denver, CO, September 17, 2002 – Driven by high demand for industry-specific risk training, Decisioneering, Inc., developer of the award-winning Crystal Ball (R) line of risk analysis software, has announced that Dr. Johnathan Mun, formerly of KPMG Consulting, has been named Vice President of Analytical Services. In his new position Dr. Mun will lead Decisioneering’s training and consulting groups and will focus on increasing the acceptance of risk analysis and modeling within corporations.

Since rolling out its international training program, Decisioneering has trained thousands of users in dozens of industries. Decisioneering’s customer base of over 100,000 users enables targeted training by function and profession. In conjunction with industry partners, Decisioneering has trained users in project planning, corporate finance, oil and gas, and Six Sigma.

Dr. Mun has already introduced two new training courses, Real Options for Managers and Real Options for Analysts. He is also developing industry-specific training classes and seminars aimed at introducing spreadsheet risk analysis to a wider audience. The first new course is aimed at Six Sigma practitioners, an important segment of Decisioneering’s customer base.

“Decisioneering’s goal is to have more than just analysts use our software as a vehicle for analyzing and communicating risk,” says Dr. Mun. “I want to move risk analysis into the senior manager’s office. It is imperative that today’s business leaders understand how to talk about risk.” Toward this goal, Dr. Mun has created a Risk Analysis and Simulation for Managers seminar and will be delivering lectures to help spread the word about the importance of risk in corporate analysis.

Consulting closes the loop between training and implementation. As a consulting manager in KPMG Consulting’s Global Financial Strategies practice, Dr. Mun provided analytic services to help Fortune 100 companies assess their risk. “Many companies are just beginning to understand that the decisions they are making every day about the future of their business can not be purely qualitative. They are learning that a consistent risk process coupled with a spreadsheet model is imperative for understanding the risks inherent in those decisions,” says Dr. Mun.

Decisioneering has developed and sold Crystal Ball, a spreadsheet-based Monte Carlo simulation software package, for 16 years. “What amazes me about Crystal Ball’s market penetration is that entire corporations are now talking about assumptions and probabilities of success, a level of awareness that was non-existent 10 years ago,” says Charles Von Thun, CEO of Decisioneering. “The addition of Dr. Mun is a response to this increased awareness and the need for more granular training. Spreadsheet risk analysis has moved from the domain of the Excel power user to the domain of all spreadsheet modelers.”

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