Latest Decision Support Software Shows Corporate Managers Risk Exposure; Helps Bolster Investor Confidence

DENVER, Sept. 5, 2002 -- Fuzion, a Denver-based company, has released version 2.0 of its software suite designed to help Fortune 2000 companies close the gap in investor and management confidence created over the past year by terrorist threats and corporate operational risk.

Global Risk Planner 2.0 (GRP) is a suite of applications that streamlines a corporation's assessment of physical, network, operational security and business continuity planning. Ability to efficiently evaluate the disparate elements of any large corporate security program -- including network security -- is critical for a company to foresee potential threats and to project the confidence to investors that it is proactively managing and defending against potential disruptions.

"In our current environment, from terrorist threats to a reassessment of corporate governance, the ability for a well-managed organization to perform a comprehensive security assessment across the entire enterprise will boost confidence of managers and shareholders," said Ed McCarthy, Fuzion CEO and co-founder.

"Today's organizations are faced with a myriad of fragmented issues in order to mitigate risk," said McCarthy. "We provide management with a first step: providing a clear view of where an organization should direct security resources and budget."


Fuzion enables businesses to grow securely and operate more profitably, dramatically reducing the cost and effort associated with risk measurement, planning and management.

Designed by noted security risk assessment experts, Jim Schaub and Ken Biery, Fuzion eliminates inefficiencies associated with managing operational risk. These innovations bridge the gap between technical staff and financial decision makers by providing a basis for Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, a prioritization of the most significant risks and budgetary funding recommendations. Fuzion's "Risk Convergence Algorithms" provide quantifiable results that are defendable to auditors, customers and shareholders.

The major capabilities of GRP 2.0 include:

-- Management Console Interface for Macro Trending and Analysis

-- Corrective Action Recommendations for Identified Vulnerabilities

-- Threat Definition and Analysis of specific lines of business and critical assets

-- 50 Reports covering Executive, Management, and Technical perspectives

-- Support for ISO17799, GLBA, HIPPA, DITSCAP, NIACAP & DCID compliance standards

About Fuzion

Fuzion offers an integrated suite of decision support applications for organizations to drive global strategies for security, disaster recovery/business continuity and security policies and procedures. See .

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