Inxight SmartDiscovery Sets New Standard for Enterprise Information Retrieval

First Complete Unstructured Data Management Solution Offers New Capabilities Including Taxonomy Management, Enterprise-Class Categorization and Guided Information Retrieval

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - September 30, 2002 - One of the major problems enterprises face today is finding and using all of the information that they have available to them. This information, that resides in unstructured text sources including MS-Office files, intranet pages, email, customer contact logs, is scattered all over the organization so that no one knows where it resides, or even what exists. Inxight® Software, Inc., today announced Inxight SmartDiscovery 3.0, a software solution that solves this problem. Inxight Smart Discovery is the most complete, powerful and simple-to-use solution for automating the discovery and retrieval of enterprise-wide text data in multiple languages.

Inxight SmartDiscovery expands upon Inxight's existing metatext extraction and analysis applications, adding features that include taxonomy management, enterprise-class categorization and a guided information retrieval environment. Tightly packaged into one complete solution, Inxight SmartDiscovery sets a new standard for enterprise information retrieval, enabling users to exploit the wealth of unstructured data available to the enterprise today.

Inxight SmartDiscovery is being introduced today in conjunction with Inxight's announcement regarding the closing of its Series D funding round at $22 million (see related release dated September 30, 2002).

"The problem of scattered, inaccessible information is costly to today's organizations," said Susan Feldman, research vice president for content management and retrieval software. "IDC has estimated that the inability to find information costs an enterprise with a thousand knowledge workers $6 million a year. The opportunity costs are even higher. By moving to a next-generation information system that uses categorization, better search, and guided navigation, ease of finding is improved, and the costs are reduced."

"The mass of information available to today's enterprise is so complex that standard corporate search engines and portals cannot begin to untangle it," said John C. Laing, Inxight's president and CEO. "Unlike other solutions that leave users sifting through page after page of irrelevant search results, Inxight SmartDiscovery taps into this invaluable resource of business information at a context-rich level, delivering precise data to the users who need it to do their jobs more effectively."

Based on patented technology, Inxight SmartDiscovery enables users to easily pinpoint and retrieve the exact information they need - including information that they did not know existed. SmartDiscovery seamlessly integrates with other enterprise systems - document management, Web content management, portals - offering a platform for analyzing information in precise detail and delivering accurate results that enable organizations to realize greater returns on previous technology investments.

Essential Elements of Unstructured Data Management
Inxight SmartDiscovery addresses all of the Unstructured Data Management needs of global corporations. Advances offered in Inxight SmartDiscovery 3.0 include:

  • Assisted taxonomy creation and management - creates, imports and manages taxonomies to provide an organizational structure for data that reflects the content and context of this data. Domain taxonomies are provided through Inxight's extensive partner network.
  • Advanced Enterprise-Level Categorization - automatically classifies all unstructured data according to the users' taxonomy, providingfaster information access through text and visual-based browsing and context-based search.
  • Guided Information Retrieval Environment - A familiar, easy-to-use interface allows users to intuitively search and discover information stored across the enterprise. Users can refine a one or two keyword search to quickly retrieve the most accurate results.

In addition, Inxight SmartDiscovery provides essential text analysis and retrieval capabilities that include on-the-fly entity extraction that identifies names of people, places, things and relationships from documents and groups them by category; automatic document summarization that creates intelligent summaries in a fraction of a second; a similar document finder that provides all other similar documents for a given document; concept search that organizes query results into a hierarchy of shared topics and themes; full text search that features basic keyword search and a Boolean information retrieval model for specifying the exact information needed; and multi-language support for accurately analyzing and retrieving information in 23 global business languages.

Inxight SmartDiscovery supports a broad range of operating system platforms including Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 and Sun Solaris. Sample schemas and a standard metadata repository adapter interface make connections to existing storage systems simple.

Inxight SmartDiscovery is available immediately. For information or to arrange a preview, contact Inxight at or 408.738.6299 (in the U.S.) or +44 (0) 1252 761314 (in Europe).

About Inxight
Inxight provides enterprise software solutions for understanding and effectively using unstructured data. Inxight gives customers a comprehensive and scalable enterprise solution to organize, analyze and deliver information from any unstructured source in all major languages. Customers include Computer Associates, Factiva, Hewlett Packard, Inktomi, Intel, Internal Revenue Service, LexisNexis, Lotus, Oracle, Reuters, SAP, SAS, Thomson, Tivoli, Pfizer, and Xerox. The company has offices throughout the United States and Europe. For more information, visit


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