Nobilis Software Announces Nobilis Ci

Nobilis Brings The World's First ProcessWriter™ to the Business Desktop to Enable Unprecedented Levels of Business Productivity and Efficiency

Nobilis Ci Shifts the Economic and Technology Paradigms, Enabling Business Users to Self Serve Their Enterprise Application Requirements at Desktop Prices

Boston, MA, Sept. 16, 2002 - Nobilis Software, Inc., the pioneer in third-generation business process management (3G BPM) technology, today announced the availability of its newest product, Nobilis Ci. Nobilis Ci is a patented software product designed for business users that brings enterprise class process automation directly to the desktop, at desktop prices. With Nobilis Ci, business users can automate any activities, interactions, or applications that previously required a high level of manual intervention - functions such as financial reporting, sales or demand forecasting, budgeting, new hire approvals, and expense reporting. Nobilis Ci enables applications to be developed by those most qualified to understand their specific business requirements - the business users themselves.

Most of an organization's business functions rely on personal productivity tools, such as spreadsheets, word processing applications, email, etc. However, these desktop tools themselves lack the controls and automated features provided by enterprise class applications. This creates a burden on business managers to spend time manually ensuring that activities that are dependent on others are completed correctly and on time.

With Nobilis Ci, users now have the power to automate processes and enable their business functions from within an existing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or other personal productivity tool, with full automation and control characteristics that were previously found only in enterprise applications. Users can quickly and easily build new applications that meet their business requirements and automate their work.

"If one looks at the billions of dollars in savings from ATMs and automated gas pumps, it's clear that self service is one of the greatest areas of efficiency business has ever implemented. But enterprise class applications have been woefully behind the curve in enabling business users to serve themselves," said James F. Maniscalco, chief executive officer of Nobilis Software. "Our vision for Nobilis Ci was to create a ProcessWriter™ - a new development paradigm that takes Excel and other ubiquitous personal productivity tools a step further to enable them to truly serve the needs of the enterprise. With Nobilis Ci, we've created the self service platform that quickly and easily automates work and creates new applications that are flexible enough to serve the fast-changing needs of a business. Nobilis Ci is truly the business user's operating system."

Nobilis Ci drives actions based on conditional logic and delivers enterprise application characteristics of control and automation - at desktop tool prices. By working directly from a user's native copy of Excel, business managers can automate functions including:

" Data/document distribution and collection " Deadline reminders " Escalations and alerts " Approvals and verifications " Data validations " Calculations " Business rules " Report generation and distribution " Data-driven actions

"We were not prepared to spend the money on an application like Siebel for our CRM system," said David Sweeney, Client Services Manager at IntrinsiQ Data Corporation, a healthcare information provider in Waltham, MA. "Nobilis Ci gives us the level of enterprise controls and automation we need for our customer facing processes at a desktop price and leverages the technology infrastructure that we already have in place."

Nobilis Ci also provides unlimited scalability by leveraging its connection to the Nobilis Enterprise server. By connecting to Nobilis Enterprise, users at the desktop may leverage the full range of connectivity to the enterprise computing infrastructure that is exposed to them by IT. Nobilis Enterprise is a highly scalable J2EE platform that runs on leading applications servers such as BEA Weblogic and IBM Websphere. IT uses Nobilis Enterprise to create a "sandbox" of components and Web Services that can be arranged to create applications or automate processes. This enables IT to control what is provisioned for the business users to serve themselves. In this manner, Nobilis Ci brings the power of Web Services for business users to leverage within their desktop productivity tools, without the need for any programming knowledge.

"Nobilis Ci is a unique product for process design at the desktop, enabling business users to build applications and automate processes as they need them, when they need them," said Tyler McDaniel, Managing Director of Analyst Services at Hurwitz Group. "Nobilis has also done a great deal of groundwork and laid the foundation to ensure that work and applications built on the desktop will be easily folded into the enterprise computing infrastructure by leveraging the connection to their Nobilis Enterprise platform. This makes IT happy at the same time business workers get the kind of applications they need, when they need them, at the time they're going to be most effective."

Pricing and Availability
Nobilis Ci is available immediately from Nobilis Software. The product is priced at $399 for one designer and ten users. Each additional user is $99. The product is also easily scalable to Nobilis Enterprise, designed to meet the robust needs of larger organizations.

About Nobilis Software, Inc.
Nobilis provides the leading self-service application development platform that meets the needs of business users and IT resources alike to automate processes across the enterprise, from everyday work to mission critical activities. The Nobilis Enterprise platform enables IT organizations to develop and execute applications to automate business interactions between employees, customers, suppliers and partners across company walls and differing enterprise applications. Nobilis Ci - the ProcessWriter™ for the business desktop - enables business users to author and execute their own automated processes, and to configure and maintain the business rules and Web Services that drive any Nobilis process, application or solution. Nobilis is headquartered in Boston, MA. Please visit or call 617-556-8288 for further information.

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