Oracle(R) Java and Web Services Tools Leadership Confirmed by Developer Community and Industry Press

eWeek, InfoWorld, Java Developer's Journal, JavaPro Magazine, PC Magazine And Software Development Magazine Give High Marks to Oracle9i JDeveloper

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Sep. 17, 2002 -- Oracle Corp.'s (Nasdaq: ORCL) award-winning J2EE and Web services integrated development environment (IDE) Oracle9i JDeveloper has received high marks over the last eight months from industry trade publications. eWeek, InfoWorld, Java Developer's Journal, JavaPro Magazine, PC Magazine and Software Development Magazine have all praised Oracle9i JDeveloper's ease of use, openness, productivity and Web services support. This recognition underscores Oracle's continued leadership in the J2EE and Web Services marketplace where application development tools are essential.

With well over 275,000 downloads from Oracle Technology Network (OTN) in the past year, Oracle9i JDeveloper is also the recipient of several industry awards. Following three JavaPro Readers' Choice Awards at the 2002 JavaOne Conference, Oracle9i JDeveloper was most recently given a Web Services Journal's Readers' Choice Award, where Oracle9i JDeveloper was recognized among its competitors as the best Web services testing tool and the best Web services utility tool.

"Developers and partners everywhere are realizing that Oracle9i JDeveloper is a real breakthrough product," said Bill Dwight, vice president of application development tools at Oracle. "Completely re-written in Java, Oracle9i JDeveloper is as open, standard, and extensible as any of our competitor's offerings, but it offers more capability for less.


"If there's one thing that a Java development platform should be able to produce and host, it's a first-rate integrated Java development environment. Many candidates for that title have come through eWeek Labs, but Oracle Corp.'s Oracle9i JDeveloper is one of the most responsive, complete and best integrated that we've seen." "Oracle9i JDeveloper isn't just a Java coding tool; it's intended to act as an on-ramp to the Web Services journey ... ." InfoWorld

" ... JDeveloper facilities that support Web services, XML, SQL, and J2EE development are quite compelling. Enterprises that need to move quickly on implementing Web services should give Oracle9i JDeveloper a look."

Java Developer's Journal

"As powerful as the various technologies supporting this platform (J2EE) are, efficiently managing and using them all in a development environment can be problematic. Providing an IDE to manage this complexity is what Oracle has set out to accomplish -- and in my opinion, has very successfully -- with its new Oracle9i JDeveloper product."( ... ) "Oracle has provided a quality product that is up to the task of managing the J2EE application lifecycle."

JavaPro Magazine

"Unlike other Java development environments, with JDeveloper it's possible to move from design through development and tuning without leaving the environment." "I'm impressed with the integration of lifecycle features within the parameters of the IDE."

PC Magazine

"Oracle JDeveloper was until recently a repackaged tweak of Borland JBuilder -- not a bad starting point for a tool that was strong and agile but hardly a statement of industry leadership. That situation changes with this spring's release of Oracle9i JDeveloper, a product unto itself that can even teach the new Microsoft Visual Studio .NET a humbling lesson or two."

Software Development Magazine

"JDeveloper is software meant to meet a wide variety of real-world needs, no more and no less. This Java IDE starts with a competent programming editor and roars off from there."( ... ) "All in all, JDeveloper is a slick, virtually seamless package for the corporate Java warrior." ( ... ) "Oracle's goal is nothing less than providing the Java developer with a single soup-to-nuts environment for everything from UML modeling to J2EE deployment."

About Oracle9i JDeveloper

With full support for open-standards development on any operating system, Oracle9i JDeveloper provides complete development life-cycle support for Java developers creating J2EE business applications and Web services. Oracle9i JDeveloper offers built-in features for optimizing the performance of Java applications while providing a single Integrated Development Environment for Java, XML and SQL; business intelligence; UML (Unified Modeling Language) modeling and J2EE Web services. Oracle9i JDeveloper is immediately available for free download and evaluation from OTN and can be purchased separately for US $995 per named user.

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