SAS leads business intelligence/analytics market

Economic downturn revives BI industry, enlightens executives

CARY, N.C., Sept. 16, 2002 – SAS is the clear leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics, states a report issued recently by industry research firm AMR Research. According to the AMR Research Enabling Technologies Report, 2001-2006, SAS owned 21 percent of the overall BI/analytics market in 2001. The report found that the overall BI/analytics market grew 10 percent in 2001, to a total of $5.6 billion. AMR Research projects that the market will grow to $12.2 billion by 2006, which is a compounded annual growth rate from 2001-2006 of 17 percent.

“In 2002, business intelligence found its way out of the basement and smack-dab in the House of Representatives,” the report continued. “While addressing Congress, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan credited an increased access to data with not only providing a milder recession but a faster comeback as well. The fact is, more and more companies are trying to make better use of the data they have gathered by applying it to strategic business decisions.”

SAS brings together expertise in high-end, predictive analytics as well as data management to help organizations in all industries turn customer, supplier and operational data into intelligence,” said Jim Davis, SAS’ senior vice president and chief marketing officer. “No longer reacting to historic reports, executives in these organizations now leverage SAS’ analytic intelligence to predict future needs, minimize costs, optimize profits and grow their businesses.”

SAS provides the end-to-end business intelligence infrastructure, the SAS® Intelligence Architecture, necessary for obtaining the highest quality information on which to base business decisions. This infrastructure gives businesses the agility they need to adjust to changes in the marketplace. Building on top of existing IT investments, the SAS Intelligence Architecture allows companies to remain responsive to the needs of the market, employees, suppliers and stakeholders.

"SAS is committed to business intelligence,” said Don Hatcher, SAS’ vice president of technology strategy. “For more than a quarter century, SAS has built expertise and knowledge, established methodologies and best practices, and helped executives in companies around the world make the best possible business decisions. The proof is in the results. SAS delivers integration and flexibility even in complex computing environments – critical factors in increasing profitability and maximizing the return on existing IT investments.”

About SAS

SAS is the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that create true enterprise intelligence. SAS solutions are used at more than 38,000 sites - including 98 of the top 100 businesses on the Fortune 500 - to develop more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers; to enable better, more accurate and informed decisions; and to drive organizations forward. SAS is the only vendor that completely integrates leading data warehousing, analytics and traditional BI applications to create intelligence from massive amounts of data. For more than 25 years, SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know®.

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