Decisioneering Announces That Shell Will Begin Worldwide Deployment of Crystal Ball Risk Analysis Software

DENVER, CO, April 29, 2003 -- Shell Information Technology International B.V. ("Shell") has signed a corporate licensing agreement with Decisioneering for Crystal Ball Professional Software. Shell will use Decisioneering's Crystal Ball Professional risk analysis and modeling software in its Global Desktop Infrastructure program as an item of optional Software.

"Decisioneering has dedicated the past year to strengthening our relationships with our existing partners and customers," says Charles Von Thun, CEO of Decisioneering. "Our main growth is in large companies who have been using our software for years and are now rolling it out across their organization. The Shell agreement builds on a decade-long training and software partnership between our two companies. Shell has built a strong reputation as a leader in the application of leading-edge risk tools, and their commitment to Crystal Ball emphasizes this focus."

Founded in 1986, Denver-based Decisioneering, Inc. provides software, training, and consulting that simplify risk analysis and improve decision-making, including the industry-leading risk analysis package, Crystal Ball. For more information about the company, call 800-289-2550 or visit Decisioneering's web site, .

SOURCE Decisioneering, Inc.

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