Who Is the Greatest, Nicklaus or Woods? Crystal Ball Forecasting Software Knows!

Denver, CO, April 4, 2003 - Will Tiger Woods ever be as great as Jack Nicklaus? Is Woods at the peak of his game or is he starting to slip? What are the odds Tiger Woods will continue to win and eventually surpass the record of the great Jack Nicklaus?

On Sunday, April 6 at 7:30 PM EDT on its Golf Central show, The Golf Channel will reveal the answers to these questions with the help of Crystal BallŪ software and spreadsheet models developed by Dr. John Charnes, professor at the University of Kansas School of Business. The Golf Channel invited Dr. Charnes, a specialist in the science of forecasting, to help resolve the question everyone's asking: will Woods become the best player in golf history?

"My students put great effort into analyzing whether or not Woods might become the dominant player," says Dr. Charnes. "Using historical data, we took into account everything from the scores of Tiger's past finishes to the trendline of tournament winning scores. After running the Crystal Ball simulation tool on the model, we came up with some pretty amazing results."

In addition to forecasting Wood's future, Charnes and his students also used Crystal Ball to answer an equally intriguing question: whether or not Phil Mickelson would ever win a Major.

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Lawrence Goldman
Product Marketing Manager
Decisioneering, Inc.