Hyperion Extends Its Business Performance Management Leadership with Solutions For Financial and Operational Decision Makers

Drives Accountability and Performance Across Finance and Operations

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 2, 2003 -- Hyperion (Nasdaq: HYSL), the global leader in Business Performance Management software, today announced it has delivered innovations across all of its major product categories, including its Business Performance Management Suite of applications (now in version 3) and its market-leading Hyperion Essbase XTD business intelligence platform. Only Hyperion delivers the most comprehensive suite of fully integrated Business Performance Management applications that leverage a single, common business intelligence platform and for the first time, all users inside and outside the finance department can plan, model and manage performance to a degree never before possible.

Together, the improvements deliver:

-- Tighter interoperability across applications -- Hyperion's applications and platform work together more seamlessly, so companies can integrate and embrace their entire business management cycle-goal-setting, scenario modeling, business planning, monitoring, analyzing and reporting results-drawing on all the operational data the company has locked in transactional systems.

-- Industry-leading scalability -- Hyperion's largest Business Performance Management deployments span the enterprise, using the Essbase XTD platform and support more than 25,000 users in a single deployed environment. Hyperion applications support the highest number of concurrent users in a single system sharing information in real time.

-- Functionality to extend Business Performance Management beyond finance

-- Innovative new capabilities include support for operating detail, end-to-end financial and operational reporting for incredible insight into business performance; extended analytics in the applications to provide greater access to operational data and improve the audit trail for regulatory compliance; cascading plans and scorecards to link corporate or business unit strategies to individual performance and execution; model-linking for capturing cross-departmental dependencies and constraints to create enterprise operational models, such as consolidated demand plans, production capacity and financial forecasts.

-- Ease of administration to lower IT support costs -- Streamlined administration-including Web-based remote administration and single sign-on password management-reduce the cost of ownership and expand the use of Hyperion's Business Performance Management solutions, giving customers greater insight and a single version of the truth.

"Our new solutions provide business users with exceptional transparency and support for a greater amount of management activities and detail," said Nazhin Zarghamee, chief marketing officer for Hyperion. "This allows our customers to drive greater performance accountability with greater confidence in the accuracy of their plans and predictability of their operational and financial forecasts."

"We are seeing increased demand for business performance management solutions driven by corporate governance and increased business reporting requirements and the sluggish global economy," stated Lee Geishecker, research director for Gartner. "Now more than ever, companies need timely, relevant access to information that helps them understand how they have performed and how they can perform better. One of the keys is reaching out beyond finance to encompass more business management activities and more levels of users across an organization."

"One of the reasons we went with Hyperion is that they are the one vendor that met the needs of business users and IT alike," said John Monczewski, manager of balanced scorecard and operational reporting for Booz Allen Hamilton. "Executives need fast access to accurate, high-level information. Business unit managers need to drill down into the detail of how we arrived at the numbers and organize the information in a way that is useful to them, yet they need the software to be easy to learn and use. Finally, IT needs to make sure it's fast, low maintenance and works with everything else we've got. It's not easy to balance all that, but by doing so, Hyperion allows us to fan these solutions out enterprisewide."

Integrating its Business Performance Management Suite of applications and its business intelligence platform gives Hyperion the most comprehensive, innovative and flexible approach to Business Performance Management available today. Hyperion's architecture allows companies to start anywhere, achieve rapid ROI and expand as business needs dictate. As companies change their operational source systems, Hyperion's solutions grow and evolve with them. It provides many new customizable and user-definable features that support customers' own innovation. In its latest releases, Hyperion has gone further than any other vendor in defining and managing business processes among constituents in an organization. As a result, Hyperion customers can achieve financial and operational benefits more quickly.

For more specific product information, see today's related announcements, "Hyperion Adds Rich Functionality to Its Business Performance Management Applications" and "New Hyperion Essbase XTD: The First BI Platform to Support Integrated Business Performance Management."

About Hyperion

Hyperion is the global leader in Business Performance Management software that enables companies to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution and provide insight to improve financial and operational performance. More than 6,000 customers use Hyperion's flagship Business Performance Management suite of packaged and tailored applications and its leading business intelligence platform worldwide. Hyperion has a network of more than 330 partners to provide innovative and specialized Business Performance Management solutions and services.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Hyperion generated annual revenues of $492 million in fiscal 2002. The company employs more than 2,200 people in 20 countries and is represented in 16 additional countries through distributor relationships. Hyperion is traded under the Nasdaq symbol HYSL. For more information, please visit http://www.hyperion.com, http://www.hyperion.com/contactus or call 800-286-8000 (U.S. only).

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Hyperion Adds Rich Functionality to Its Business Performance Management

Extends Beyond Finance to Address the Complete Business Management
Cycle and Drive Performance Accountability Across the Enterprise

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 2, 2003 --
Hyperion (Nasdaq: HYSL), the global leader in Business Performance Management
software, today announced version 3 of the four packaged applications that
make up its Business Performance Management Suite-Hyperion Planning, Hyperion
Financial Management, Hyperion Performance Scorecard and Hyperion Business

    With these third-generation applications, Hyperion delivers:

    -- The richest process support for the entire Business Performance
       Management cycle -- Now, both financial and operational users can
       receive the broadest support for the complete management cycle-goal-
       setting, scenario modeling, business planning, monitoring, analyzing
       and reporting results-in a more seamlessly integrated Business
       Performance Management solution and draw on all the operational data
       the company has locked in transactional systems.
    -- More seamless operational and interdepartmental collaboration --
       Hyperion improves alignment among different business units and
       management layers with new features that empower all types of users to
       control, model and embed operational detail and assumptions without
       being dependent on analysts or IT. New features now enable cascading
       plans and scorecards to link corporate or business unit strategies to
       individual performance and execution. Model-linking captures cross-
       departmental dependencies and constraints to create enterprise
       operational models, such as consolidated demand plans, production
       capacity and financial forecasts.
    -- Tighter interoperability across applications -- Hyperion's applications
       now give users a more consistent experience via a common user interface
       and single sign-on. Data exchange across all applications ensures
       information integrity through the entire management cycle. As a result,
       users can compare and analyze information to identify performance
       improvements, bottlenecks or limitations and see the interdependencies
       within the business to improve strategic decision making. For example,
       by analyzing plans and actuals side by side, business users can quickly
       spot variances that might indicate something is wrong with financial
       results or underlying performance and revise future forecasts.
    -- Compliance-ready applications to meet new financial reporting
       requirements -- Through advanced process controls and workflow,
       appropriate management levels can electronically review and sign off on
       their submissions. Hyperion's Business Performance Management Suite has
       expanded support for shortened reporting cycles, audit trails, internal
       reviews, controls and validations to increase confidence in the
       numbers. Companies can now meet Sarbanes-Oxley and International
       Accounting Standards faster and with greater confidence.

    With extensive business processes built into its applications, Hyperion
goes further than any other vendor in defining and managing workflows and
interdependencies among disparate parts of an organization. As a result, all
types of users across companies can give and receive information about past,
present and projected company performance, drive performance improvements,
achieve greater buy-in and consensus and improve accountability.

    "Hyperion helps us tie operational and financial plans to our strategy and
measure and communicate results versus those plans," said Todd Naughton, vice
president and controller for Zebra Technologies. "As a result, finance has
gone further in becoming a business partner to the rest of the organization
and to management."

    "We like the total package that Hyperion offers," said John H. McAlpine,
executive vice president and CFO for Targus. "These are superior, well
thought-out solutions that work together, deploy quickly and work with what we
already have. Since we started using Hyperion's Business Performance
Management Suite, our associates have greater insight into their team's
effectiveness and their own performance. They're more focused in their
activities and make better decisions. That makes our company more

    Rich Functionality Across All Applications

    Hyperion Planning now makes possible cascaded planning to better
facilitate the business planning process. Team members can feed supporting
detail into executive plans to provide insight into how numbers were arrived
at and what assumptions are in effect, more tightly aligning top-level
decision making with front-line realities.

    Hyperion now enables personal and cascading scorecards within Hyperion
Performance Scorecard, as well. These more tightly couple strategic scorecards
maintained at the executive level with individual actions and results-
facilitating communication, collaboration and coordination of individual
tactics with group-level objectives and strategic initiatives, such as
reducing operational expenses or improving product quality.

    Hyperion Business Modeling now supports model linking, which lets users
create individual models for departments or business units and link them to
provide a consolidated view of performance. The approval process on individual
models can be run within the application and changes to a model can trigger
alerts and warnings, such as when capacity limits are reached.

    Hyperion Financial Management supports fast, Web-based consolidation,
review and adjustment of financial information. It includes customizable
validations and internal control mechanisms and creates detailed audit trails.
It integrates directly with transactional systems and other data sources. With
its unmatched financial reporting and analysis capabilities, Hyperion
Financial Management helps organizations arrive at a single version of the
truth between budgeted, forecasted and actual numbers.

    Hyperion offers the most modular and scalable solutions that allow
customers to start anywhere, achieve results and value rapidly and scale the
solution as needed, even to thousands of users.

    By bringing more operational users into the Business Performance
Management loop, Hyperion not only expands accountability beyond the province
of finance, it also provides incredible insight for planning and responding to
dynamic business events in a challenging and uncertain environment.